Your phone heats up enormously: Why and how to end it?

Your phone heats up enormously: Why and how to end it?

Is your phone getting hot and wondering if this is still normal? This question has always been frequent, so you are not alone in asking it.

Heating for a phone maybe normal, but up to a certain threshold of course. Exceeded this threshold, then we will speak of overheating. This can be due to many causes, from overuse to Malware (malicious application) through the use of the wrong charger.

Why is your phone getting so hot?

Before discussing the different causes of your phone overheating, as I said at the very beginning, heating is quite normal for your phone. Being an electronic device, it works by the circulation of electrical energy. But if yours is getting hot, it is probably a sign of something wrong.

Here is why your phone heats up so much and how to put an end to it:

You use it while charging

If you have this habit, you must have felt like you were holding a soldering iron in your hands. Using your phone during charging hours is one of the causes of your phone getting very hot. The problem with this practice is that you gradually damage your battery as well as some circuitry in the device.

Solution : If your phone gets very hot, get in the habit of letting it sit when it is plugged into the mains. Unplug it to be able to use it.

You are using the wrong charger

This is probably the other problem that causes your phone to heat up enormously, the use of the wrong charger. When you buy a new phone, it comes with a suitable charger. However, it is not impossible that the original charger burns out, which leads some to resort to replacement chargers which may however be unsuitable.

Your phone gets very hot: Choosing the right charger

Some aftermarket chargers deliver more power than your phone requires. This would cause the battery to overheat and damage, and even burn out parts of your motherboard. Make sure to always use a genuine charger that is compatible with your device.

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You expose it directly to the sun

Whether it's made of aluminum or plastic, avoid exposing your device to too much sunlight. Containing indium, tin and oxygen, the touch screen of your smartphone is allergic to the sun. It takes heat very easily.

Solution : Avoid using it too often under the sun, even if sometimes circumstances dictate that you use it under such conditions. Favor places in the shade.

You are running a lot of apps in the background

Unused apps, which still remain open in the background, use a lot of resources without you really asking for them. These can also cause your phone to heat up enormously.

Your phone gets very hot: apps in the background

Try to force some of them to stop and reduce the number of widgets available on your screen. It would also save your battery. To stop an application, go to Parameters, Applications (application manager). Then scroll up and down to find the app, then click and select "Force Stop".

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You often play video games

Video games are renowned for their extreme greed for phone resources. Even the best phone in the world would eventually overheat after hours of playing, so imagine if yours already heats up a lot.

Your phone gets very hot: video games.

Some games even have flaws in their design and can heat your device excessively. This is probably the reason that your phone heats up tremendously.

Solution : Select and delete the games you don't play often. Then limit game time and reduce graphics options for some games that allow it.

You leave the GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi functions activated

These features consume a lot of your smartphone's battery and put a strain on the processor. These are features that can also cause your phone to heat up excessively and unnecessarily.

Disable GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth

Solution : Whether it is GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot, please always turn them off when you are not using them. This will make your phone cooler.

You never update apps

An application containing an error (a bug) can use your device's processor abnormally and cause it to overheat. This is why it is recommended to install updates when they are offered by application publishers. They often make corrections to possible bugs.

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A possible bug in the operating system of your device is not excluded. Here too, an update may be necessary. The paradox here is that sometimes it is after performing an update that we notice a case of overheating on the phone. The solution in this kind of case is to revert to the previous version if the application or the system allows it.

You run malware without knowing it

Malware or malicious applications are not excluded from the problem. These are applications that often consume a huge amount of the processor and RAM memory of an infected smartphone.

Some malicious apps can harm your phone by damaging some of its physical entities.

Solution : if you think that it is because of Malware that your phone heats up a lot, one of the solutions is toinstall antivirus on your phone. You should then avoid clicking on suspicious links and using any WiFi network.

You should also get into the habit of always installing applications from official sources such as Google Play Store.

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So how do you quickly cool an overheated phone?

Avoid putting your phone in a refrigerator, even if you want to cool it down urgently. If your phone gets very hot and bothers you, first remove the cover, as it can pick up and retain the heat produced by your device.

Cut the connection Internet if you use it (mobile data or Wifi). These are just a few (the most common) avenues. What causes your phone to heat up tremendously may be a different cause than all of the above. So do not hesitate to go see a repairer in certain cases.

I remind you that you can also find in the Play Store and in the App Store, applications for track your phone temperature. If you have any other tips for cooling your phone, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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