Download Free WinRAR 2022 for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android

Download Free WinRAR for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android

Are you looking for free data compression software on? WinRAR is a tool for creating free archives that may or may not require decompression software. Executable on several platforms, you will be able to download free WinRAR on your computer and your Android smartphone.

It is one of the most widely used archiving tools, available in a free version and a paid version, which is more complete.

Features of WinRAR

WinRAR runs the RAR compression algorithm by default (Rohal ARchive), an archiving format invented by the Russian Eugene Roshal, also being the creator of WinRAR. Apart from RAR, it allows compressing in ZIP format and extracting archives of several formats. Other formats it supports include archives 7z, TAR, JAR, ISO, ARJ, CAB, ACE, BZ2 or JAR.

WinRAR can generate archives in multiple files and encrypt their contents with mot de passe. Simple and light, it is also able to repair a damaged archive. Among the other features of WinRAR, we should highlight:

  • Its ease of handling large files.
  • Its availability in several languages.
  • Its integration into the context menu which makes it easily accessible, with a simple right click.
  • Its ability to compress or decompress an element and send it directly by Email.
  • And many more functions

Download Free WinRAR for Windows, macOS and Linux

Regarding the download of the computer version, you will have to locate thearchitecture of your processor and operating system. 32 or 64 bits, you will need to choose the version compatible with your computer. Users of 64-bit systems have the advantage because they can run a 32-bit program, but the reverse is not possible.

Download WinRAR for Windows 32 and 64 Bits | WinRAR for Linux 32 and 64 Bits.

Download WinRAR for macOS.

When opening the official download link, you will have the choice between WinRAR files of several versions, languages, and platforms. You can sort the files according to your criteria before to download WinRAR for free.

WinRAR free download

If you don't see your preferred language version, expand the " Language And sort. Then the zones version, Platform, and the Architecture type, 32 or 64 bits. At the end of the sorting, submit by clicking on " Search ».

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How to use WinRAR on Computer?

After installing the software, it will integrate with your operating system. Whenever you are dealing with a compressed file, to decompress it with WinRAR, you will do the following:

  1. Click on the item to unzip with the right mouse button.
  2. Click on " Extract to (Extract to) name of the element to unzipAnd WinRAR will extract the item automatically. He put it in his own folder to avoid confusion with other files. If you click on " Extract files… " Where " Extract Here », You risk decompressing the compressed file (s) in a messy way and creating a real mess in your files.

Decompression with WinRAR

To compress a file with WinRAR, you will do the following:

  1. Right-click on the item to unzip and select " Add to archive ..."(Add to archive).

Compression with WinRAR

2. Select between RAR or ZIP format. The other details, it's up to you to see if you have to touch them or not, like the compression method, the configuration of a password in Advanced (Advanced), etc. After that, you can simply start the compression. ZIP files are supported by Windows and supported by several archiving tools.

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Download Free WinRAR in Play Store | Free Download WinRAR Apk

On your phone, you can download WinRAR for free to compress and decompress the files there directly. With the mobile version, you can process items in any format available on the computer. It is simply like the pocket version of WinRAR.

Download WinRAR Apk for Android

Right on your device, you can easily create RAR and ZIP files. To do this, you just have to launch the application after installation. Select the file or folder you want to compress and add it to the archive.

Compression and decompression with WinRAR Android

In the tab " General settings », Give it the name it will bear at the end of the compression and choose between the format RAR, ZIP or RAR 4.x. If you prefer, add a mot de passe for more security.

Although this article is about WinRAR, it would be important to remember that there are other file compression software out there. You can take a look at 7-zip for example.

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