Why is your PC battery draining quickly?

Why is your PC battery draining quickly?

As laptops become more and more "portable", you must be concerned if your PC battery is draining quickly. And in this article, it will be about the causes of the high-speed discharge of your battery and the solutions to overcome the problem.

Purchased separately or with the computer, there may be several reasons for the drop in the battery life of your computer, and many of them are related to device usage patterns. Some batteries are bought often being from a pirate manufacture, others being authentic but which, inadvertently in use, are victims of the drop in autonomy.

Very low battery on Windows

Why is your PC battery draining quickly?

Your battery has aged

It is sometimes hard to admit, but the number one possible reason is the aging of your battery. Maybe she deserves a retirement, but also she must have served satisfactorily for it.

If you think you've been using it for a long time, it may be time to change it. Otherwise, if you think that its autonomy is decreasing abnormally then that's another question that arises.

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You are using the wrong adapter

Using the wrong adapter can also cause your PC battery to drain quickly. Each computer is delivered with an original charger which delivers exactly the power necessary for its proper functioning.

Unfortunately, some aftermarket chargers (adapters) provide more power than needed. This would lead to the degradation of the performance of your battery and even to the burnout of certain parts of the computer.

To date, many adapters deliver between 18 and 19.5 Volts, to speak only of that. In fact, it's a whole bunch of characteristics that come into play. There are others to pay attention to like amperage and so on.

Check the condition of the adapter

Make sure you are using a good adapter. This is why, in case of failure of the latter, I will suggest that you go with it to a computer store so that you can refer to it during thepurchase of a brand new. This will prevent you from any possible mistakes.

You never unplug your PC, even when it is full

For some, it's a sure-fire way to never have their computers run out of power. Others just do it out of habit, and it's not the best habit anyway. Never unplug it is therefore a practice that can drop its autonomy and cause your PC's battery to discharge quickly.

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It is in fact advisable to disconnect a full computer from the mains, and to reconnect it only when the latter requests it, but without letting it turn off by itself each time.

Get in the habit of unplugging your computer when charging reaches its maximum level. I know that this is not always easy, especially for people living in areas where electricity is not always available. But try every now and then.

You expose it to overheating very often

You probably already know that any battery-operated electronic device that overheats is prone to a problem with rapid discharge, or even physical parts burnt out. There are two main causes that can cause your computer to overheat:

  • You suffocate it very often: During use, make sure that the cooling system is working well and that the heat dissipation holes are not obscured by either dirt or an object. Also avoid using your computer on the bed, armchair, etc. Anything that can prevent it from evacuating the heat it generates.
  • You overuse it: If your PC battery drains quickly, it is probably due to overuse of the device. This often involves running heavy and resource-intensive applications such as video games, photo and video editing tools, etc. if you think that your computer is not powerful enough for this or that other task, then avoid putting it too often.

There are many tools to track the temperature of your PC (processor, hard drive, etc.) directly from the taskbar. One of the simple and free that you can use is Piriform Speedy.

You are running malware

Also known as malware, one or more malicious applications can cause your PC's battery to drain quickly. These softwares run discreetly, consume a large amount of memory and sometimes strain the processor to the point of damaging it.

At this level, the execution of Malware joins the problem of overheating since this software causes the device to heat up excessively, but here it is even worse. In fact malware would go so far as to damage one or more physical components of your computer and it could be your battery.

If the battery of your PC drains quickly and you suspect the presence of malware, the first solution is to use a Antivirus, and / or the use of a software to clean and optimize your computer.

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How do you fix a battery that drains quickly?

You notice that your PC battery is draining quickly! Note that few solutions are possible at this level. The method that we are going to discover will not restore your battery to its original performance.

However, it will boost it very considerably. So you will have a long time in front of you, before you think shell out money for a new battery.

Repairing a battery that drains quickly

Here is how to proceed:

Check your battery technology

Some batteries are made of Lithium (Li-ion), others of Nickel-Metal Hybrid (Ni-MH) and Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-CD). Check on the printed writings and proceed only if yours is made in Ni-MH or Ni-CD.

This maneuver could further damage your battery if done in Li-ion. If your PC battery drains quickly and you want to repair it, then it will need to be detachable from your device.

Prepare the battery

First remove the battery from your computer, it depends on how it is designed, then:

  • Wrap it first in a clean, dry piece of cloth, then in an airtight (plastic) bag and make sure it is properly closed. Avoid a conventional plastic bag to prevent the battery from becoming a victim of humidification in the freezer.
  • Place the battery in the freezer and leave it for a period of 10 to 12 hours. Avoid forgetting it in there so as not to permanently damage it.
  • Remove your battery from the freezer and wait for it to reach a normal temperature. Wipe it off if necessary and place it back on / in your computer. Connect your computer to the mains, charge it fully and use it until it is completely discharged.

If your PC battery drains quickly, whether it is Lithium-ion or not, you can also try to recalibrate it by performing a full charge (100%). Then unplug the charger and use your computer until the battery is completely discharged.

If your computer is under warranty, avoid this manipulation and contact your vendor for assistance. By trying to repair your battery on your own, you will immediately void the warranty under which your device is.

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