Why use a VPN to access the internet? What is a VPN?

Why use a VPN to access the internet, What are the best VPNs?

The VPN, virtual private network, offers its users a secure connection by avoiding exposing their traces on the Internet. In this article, find out what a VPN is, how it works and what it is for.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, in French " Virtual private network », A VPN is a service allowing the sending and the reception of information on the Internet via a secure connection, passing by one or more servers.

The internet is a dangerous place for confidential information, and the use of VPNs is on the rise. These secure and encrypt the data that users transmit over the Internet.

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Why do i need a VPN?

Individual or company, it is important to use a VPN to access the internet. It will protect your confidentiality and protect you against hacker attacks on the internet, against any form of espionage and will give you access to censored services.

By connecting, a VPN avoids revealing your IP address to government services, for example, and to third-party companies. It also prevents your internet service provider or operator from knowing what you are doing on their network and where you are doing it from.

Using a VPN is one of the most popular solutions for people who want surf the internet safely (since no one can intercept your data), but it doesn't stop there. VPNs can also change the location (geographic position) of the user, which would allow them to benefit from services reserved for people residing in x or y countries, as if they resided there.

For example some countries that censor the use of certain sites and services, a VPN is an alternative to circumvent the restrictions. Also some sites that restrict access to their data to people outside of a given country by using a firewall to automatically block certain users. A VPN allows you to access it anyway

Proton VPN

Briefly, using a VPN to access the internet guarantees you security and anonymity. Remember that the use of a VPN, by itself, in most countries is not illegal.

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How VPN works

A VPN works by establishing a communication tunnel. We often speak of a tunnel since it allows information to be transmitted (from or to a server) in a secure manner. It is therefore a tunnel within a vast network that is the Internet.

During the routing of information, the data exchanged is encrypted from end to end to ensure confidentiality.

A VPN (network) service works based on the protocol to identify the sender and recipient of information. It then establishes a virtual path of routing, one speaks then of the protocol of " tunneling ". Tunneling itself consists of the encapsulation of data, its transmission and decapsulation on arrival.

VPNs use multiple protocols. Among them: the  PPTP (Point To Point Tunneling Protocol), IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), L2F (Layer 2 Forwarding), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol), GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation), etc.

On which device should I use a VPN to access the internet?

Computer (PC et Mac), Tablet ou Smartphone, most VPNs offer applications that can be used on all of these categories of devices. You can therefore use a VPN to access the internet either on your computer, or directly on your smartphone.

All you need to do is download and install the application (mobile or computer version) of your VPN. You will then make some configurations to finally launch the connection. Discover the best VPN services to use for your security and that of your data.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN, which one to choose?

There are free and paid services on the internet that you can use unconditionally. However, paid services offer a guarantee of security and peace of mind. As you probably know, quality comes at a price.

Using a free VPN is better than not using any. But if you want to use a VPN to access the internet in a very secure way, the paid services are the ones we advise you to opt for. They use more robust protocols and offer more security and speed of data access.

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How to choose a good VPN?

It is not difficult to make the choice. Choose the VPN that best suits your budget, while having better value for money. Here is the list of best VPNs, from which you can choose.

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