WATCHED to stream for free: is it a good deal?

Today, many people use the application WATCHED to stream for free and access content from multiple platforms and channels. But the procedure by which the application accesses the contents is illegal. Is it still a good deal?

It all depends on what the term "illegal" means to you. But if this question has occurred to you and you are looking to find out more, then we will try to see it more clearly.

Who says streaming platform says subscription. Unfortunately, as we all know, a monthly or annual subscription is not an easy affair for many people. With the scale that streaming has taken these days, especially with the advent of the pandemic of Covid-19, many streaming enthusiasts have turned to free alternatives.

One of the most popular today is WATCHED Multimedia Browser. It is in fact an application available in Android, iOS and computer versions, allowing you to enjoy streaming and IPTV services without subscription or registration.

The application simultaneously acts as a media player and web browser to access content hosted on remote servers. Before we see how to download and use WATCHED to stream for free, let's try to understand how it works. But remember that its content access procedure is illegal.

WATCHED with free bundle, how does it work?

It is not a streaming app per se, since it does not host any content. Rather, it uses so-called packages " Bundle Deals ". The term bundle refers to a bundle, a set of products supplied in bulk, often in a promotional context.

As said above, the application also integrates the functionality of a web browser. And so, by using WATCHED to stream for free, users access bundles, data packets hosted on remote servers.

These bundles contain paid series, films, channels and television programs, which are then accessible free of charge by users. To access it, the user will indicate the address of the server and, from that moment, will see all the programs appear.

To clarify, the WATCHED Multimedia Browser application itself is not illegal. The notion of illegality comes into play from the moment we speak of a bundle. Bundles are illegal services hosted on servers that are in turn illegal and not officially known. The most used bundle server today is at

In short, using WATCHED to stream for free via bundles is perfectly illegal. Apart from the problem of illegality, another possible danger exists in the use of bundles, we will come back to this. But if you want to use WATCHED to stream for free, here's how.

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Download WATCHED Apk for Android, for iOS and for Computer

WATCHED is available on multiple platforms. You can therefore use it on Android, iPhone or iPad as well as on your computer. The app is again available in Play Store, after a time away from the Google application store. It had been withdrawn there, for reasons that we do not control.

Download WATCHED Apk for Android | Download WATCHED on App Store.

It is therefore possible to download WATCHED from either the Play Store for Android smartphones or the App Store for Apple smartphones. You can also download the desktop version.

Download WATCHED for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For a while, there has been a Modification (Mod) of WATCHED, called WATCHED More (WATCHED +). This version is a clone, therefore unofficial, and also allows you to follow films and programs for free. It works, yes, and you can try it out too if you want.

Download MOD WATCHED Plus

It hardly differs from WATCHED, in its appearance or in its operation. However, I cannot guarantee that it is a clean application. I don't know much about how reliable it is for users' privacy and their data. Download WATCHED (Mod) for Windows.

How to use WATCHED to stream for free?

After downloading and installing the application, here's how to take advantage of WATCHED Multimedia Browser:

Open the app and tap the add icon framed in green.

Install a bundle to stream in WATCHED

Afterwards, WATCHED will give you the possibility to enter a URL corresponding to the bundle you wish to install. The most used bundle server today is at Enter the server address, with or without https://, so you can simply type and click on Continue. From there you will be taken to the page with hot movies and series.

Select a movie, a series of your choice and select a source server. A list of different servers will be presented to you according to the languages. Select one of them and start your streaming session.

As you have probably noticed, the application has three main features. Apart from the first one representing the reception and allowing to use WATCHED to stream for free, there is also the one allowing to search for a film, a specific series, as well as the intermediate functionality allowing to follow the TV live.

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IPTV access: Live channels on WATCHED

Apart from films and series, WATCHED also provides access to live television channels. It provides access to IPTV (IPTV) channels, which is a technology for broadcasting video signals through broadband connections. This technology uses the Internet Protocol (IP) to guarantee better reception.

Here is how to proceed to follow the TV channels directly from your smartphone:

  1. Click on the menu icon at the bottom center of the WATCHED screen. This is a TV icon between the Home icon on the left and the Search icon on the right. As soon as done, at the top, click on HUHU.TO at the Playlist level.
  2. A list of channels accessible free of charge will be at your fingertips, with the possibility of personalizing it. At the top of the list, right side, click the down arrow icon ▼ to select the source channel language by country.
  3. Select according to your preferences, press the channel of your choice and you're done.

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WATCHED: illegality and risks of use

There are a lot of illegal tools on the internet, and oddly enough, they are often very useful. So let's forget about copyright for a moment to talk about other possible dangers associated with the use of WATCHED. As said above, the app itself is legal. The problem comes from the data to which it gives access, the bundles.

Being illegal and coming from unknown servers, the use of bundles, of these packages coming from servers of which you do not know anything about the operation or the owners, represents a potential danger for your devices and your privacy. These servers or bundles could carry viruses that are harmful to your devices and / or data.

Quality has a price, free also has a price, sometimes heavier. So if you go for this app, if you decide to use WATCHED to stream for free, it is at your own risk. At least you already know a little more.

However, if while using the application you notice a problem related to the confidentiality of your data, do not hesitate to uninstall it immediately.

  1. Frankly disappointed surper! Impossible to watch anything in full. Either the links are nonexistent or do not work and almost nothing in French and half without Vostfr….

    In short, I paid 19 € to always be annoyed when going there!
    Once not twice for sure!

  2. I subscribed to premium 3 months ago, but I've never seen an entire movie, either it doesn't launch or it freezes at the start of the movie.
    what solution can you bring me? Thank you

    1. Bof nothing works! Unusable or totally absent links. Almost nothing in French and barely half in VOSTFR! I regret having paid the 19 € for that!

  3. It's the rip-off of the century.
    It is a group of mafiosi who are behind.
    Free at first was just bait.
    Do you think there are people who give you thousands of TVs around the world for free?
    And to top it all off, you pay without having to register ...
    Uninstall this stuff from your machines. They will understand your message
    Apple Store has just deleted the app. Google Store will surely follow.

    1. You're complaining that it's paid but if you watch all the subscriptions it would take to have all the channels, all the movies and all the series available, you would have for 50 € per month so I find that 20 € per year for running the servers is downright honest.

  4. Hello, I can't download the app on my iphone. It says “App unavailable in your country or region” I checked my RAS settings. Freed from memory still nothing. My family did not have the Apple or Android problem
    Someone has the same problem?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Laetitia. I believe this would be due to the current unavailability of the app in the App Store. For a while Google also removed it from its application store (Play Store) but made it available again.

  5. Why don't you answer the question to who goes the 19,95 euro per month since it is illegal if we pay it becomes legal

    1. Hi Jean-Philippe. It is true that paying to access this content in WATCHED would be like legalizing it, and taking a risk at the same time since everything could stop at any time. If you have to pay for streaming, recognized services and platforms offer more guarantees. In terms of availability and all. In addition, we know who the money is going to.

      1. Hi Maco. Like you, many people ask the same question. Considering all the factors surrounding the proposed payment, which pops up out of almost nowhere, everything suggests that content owners do not have their account there. The best way to buy a subscription would be to turn to recognized platforms.

          1. Watched Switzerland support informed me that currently there is no download possible for IOS (iPhone).
            Probably Apple doesn't want to be illegal as mentioned by someone in this forum.
            In addition, viewing films or series in French is random and works very badly or not at all for certain content that I saw at the beginning of December in French and which now is no longer in our language. Example Phantom Thread with Daniel Day Lewis or the Mr. Mercedes series.
            It seems that the link with is random and directs us to chilli ??

    1. For my part, I just re-installed the Watched 0.19.4 version, downloaded from the net and it works correctly for the moment.

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