Download µTorrent free for Windows PC, µTorrent Mac and Linux

µTorrent free for Windows PC, µTorrent Mac and Linux

µTorrent is a program using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P or Peer-to-Peer) data transfer protocol. Would you like to download µTorrent? This tool allows you to download any type of file .torrent quickly by simply entering the file address.

An extension file .torrent is a data container. It contains the information of the file to download and tells µTorrent from which sources to retrieve the file. The download is started, the file being retrieved in several parts from several sources.

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µTorrent is free, but offers a paid version, Premium. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and has a version for Android. You will be able to download free µTorrent and install it on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You can also download the Android version.

Difference between µTorrent and µTorrent Web

Unlike µTorrent, µTorrent Web is a version that lets you launch and control downloads from a web browser. It integrates into your default browser. With µTorrent Web, you will be able to play .torrent media files right from the start of the download.

Reading the files being downloaded is its main feature. The web version also has a search functionality. But remember that most of the operations made from the Web version can be done manually in the executable µTorrent client (Classic).

Download µTorrent Free for Windows

Download the µTorrent (Classic) executable file and install it on your Windows PC. The software will launch automatically after installation. It runs in the background and launches automatically each time you start Windows.

Download µTorrent for Windows

You can, if you wish, also download the web version of µTorrent from the same site. Click on this link to download and install µTorrent Web on your Windows PC.

Download µTorrent for Mac and Linux

Like Windows users, macOS and Linux users too can use µTorrent to download .torrent files.

Download µTorrent macOS

As with Windows, there is a web version that is compatible with macOS and Linux.

Download µTorrent Linux

Use the links above to download free µTorrent for Mac and Linux. On Windows, macOS or Linux, the operating procedure remains the same. µTorrent is designed to recover files very quickly. It works in the background but is lightweight and very economical.

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