Understanding a computer crack: operation, uses and dangers

Understanding a computer crack: operation, uses and dangers

If you've been using a computer for a while, you've probably used a computer crack. They are used by those who want to use paid programs for free or unlock features some software. But, do you know how a computer crack works? Its uses and potential dangers for your computer?

What is a computer crack?

A crack is a small program applied to software intended for it, in order to modify its nature or behavior. The main aim of a crack is the unlocking of software, to allow its free use, in the same way as the purchase of the license.

How does a computer crack work?

A crack works by removing the restrictions and limitations established by the software publisher. To do this, the cracker disassembles the software and looks for the entity of the program that manages its protection. We then speak of reverse engineering, most often illicit because without the publisher's agreement.

After locating the entity (function) of the software that manages its protection, the cracker tries to understand how it works. At this time, the cracker will have two choices:

  1. He can either design a crack which, at runtime, will replace the software's protection function with an instruction No Operation (NOP). This is an instruction that will tell the program to do nothing at the time of verification. This would skip this step, and give direct access to the restricted functionalities of the software.
  2. He can then either not modify the protection function of the software, but produce a key generator crack (Keygen). The latter, at runtime, will be responsible for generating a valid key to be entered in the software which is intended to be unlocked. This method is the one often used by many crackers.

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What is the difference between a Patch, a Crack and a Keygen?

These three terms can be confusing, but there is still a difference between them. Let's just say that a crack and a keygen are part of a big family that is the patch.

A patch, usually provided by software vendors, allows software to be modified for several purposes. This would be to improve it by correcting any bugs or adding new features, etc.

What is the difference between a Patch, a Crack and a Keygen?

Since a patch aims to modify software, and a crack also does the same thing, it is therefore also a patch. A computer crack is another type of patch, but with two big differences: It is never provided by the software publisher, otherwise it would be good to have the restrictions established! The second difference is that the crack modifies the software not in terms of improvement, unlike the patch, but in terms of access to features.

As for the keygen, key generator, it is a special type of crack. As said above, it generates valid keys and serial numbers to enter into the software. A keygen can also be developed without the cracker having gone through the software disassembly stage. In this case, the cracker develops a keygen using the so-called " Gross force ».

A keygen using the method of Brute force, performs several combinations to find a valid key. However, to find a valid key, a keygen using this method could take an infinite number of years. To say that this technique is not the favorite of crackers.

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What uses, what advantages of a computer crack?

Using a computer crack has multiple benefits for users and developers.

For users, this allows to:

  • Obtain a valid key, register the software and use it as having purchased it.
  • Benefit from all the functionalities of the software.
  • Use the software beyond any restrictions, such as time or number of uses, etc.

For developers, this makes it possible to:

  • Improve software by correcting bugs and adding new features.
  • Modify the software and adapt it to your own tastes.

What are the dangers of using crack cocaine?

Despite all these advantages, using a computer crack is not without its dangers. In the case of counterfeiting, cracking software or using crack software is illegal and could expose you to legal action and penalties.

Being a violation of the rules of use of the software, the use of a crack implies the direct cancellation of the operating license.

But what are the dangers of using your computer?

First of all, the cracks can be downloaded from websites that are not highly recommended. Then, they are known to contain computer viruses which can attack the security of your computer.

The dangers of using crack cocaine

In addition to the danger of a possible virus, a computer crack can disable certain security features of your computer. Not for the purpose of exposing the latter, but to prevent it from verifying the authenticity of the software you are using. I give you an example :

In an experimental setting, I recently installed a crack on a PC Windows. What have I noticed? In fact, Windows Defender, the Windows protection software, was forcibly disabled. I had to uninstall the crack and use special methods to restore Windows to good condition.

Each operating system incorporates verification tools which, in case of suspicion of software, proceed directly to censorship. Before installation, some cracks start by disabling these checking tools on your system, otherwise the crack will be blocked. This automatically weakens the security of your computer.

By installing a computer crack, it can be safe for your computer. But could weaken it and give, without intention, a breach to any malicious tool or activity.

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How do publishers fight cracking?

If you are used to cracking your software, you will surely have noticed it: some people advise you to cut the internet first. In fact, a lot of software, if not all, offers updates after a period of time. Others, each time they connect to the Internet, perform authenticity checks.

This means that if you use cracked software and update it, you directly replace it with the genuine one. Even without this, some vendors across the internet may deactivate your / their cracked software or prevent you from using it.

The other method used by publishers is the Internet activation proposal. Unfortunately for them, some keygens allow to bypass the function taking care of this. This would prevent the software from attempting any internet verification.

To make the security of their software more robust and make cracking difficult, publishers proceed in three ways. They use techniques called " Auto-modifiable codes "," of Offuscation "Or" Encryption ».

  • Auto-modifiable codes:

It is a computer program, an instruction or a set of instructions capable of being modified. The program creates its own functions to use. This ability of the program to modify its own code makes it difficult for crackers.

  • Offuscation:

Also called scrambling or obscuring, consists of making the program code incomprehensible.

  • Encryption:

It is a technique consisting in making it impossible to understand a message, the program code. Unlike shaming, encryption uses one or more decryption keys. This means that a person with the key would also know how to decipher the message, the code. This method is also used in several fields of computing, cryptography for example.

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Should you still use crack?

The answer is : for you to decide. One thing is certain, sometimes using a computer crack saves life. But do you still have to ask yourself the question of what importance do you attach to security of your personal data.

Not all crack is necessarily malicious, no. But if you have some cash, your best bet would be to purchase a license for your favorite software.

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