Google Chrome Translation: Translate a page in Google Chrome

Translate a page in Google Chrome

With Google Chrome, no need to use Google Translate. This Google browser allows the content of a web page to be translated directly into several languages. You can now translate a page in Google Chrome directly in your navigation tab.

This is one of the features for which it is preferred over other browsers. Chrome allows you to view any web page in your language, than having to open a new tab each time to paste a piece of text into Google's online translation tool (Translate),

Translate a page in Google Chrome

If it uses French as a language, Chrome will offer you to translate into French all the web pages that you will consult that are not in French. The maneuver is very simple, since the functionality is integrated in Chrome and activated by default.

Each time you open a page, Google Chrome will detect its language. And if it is in a language other than your source language, then the translation feature will be offered to you. It will be displayed above the right of your tab / window:

Translate a page in Google Chrome

Click on your language, the one Google Chrome uses, and the translation will be done. The content will be translated either in bulk or instantly. That is to say it will be translated as you are looking at it by scrolling down.

Google Chrome may have trouble translating a page on the first click. In this case click on " Retry », The problem may be due to poor internet connection quality. Try again as many times as necessary and the translation will be done.

Another way to translate a page in Google Chrome is to use the right mouse button, always on the page being read. Click (right mouse button) anywhere in the page content:

Translate the content of a page

Then click on " Translate to ... ". The rest will depend on the language of your browser. The page will be translated, and the translation tool will still be displayed to you above the right of the browser tab.

Select another target language

You may want to translate the web page you are viewing into a language other than the one used by Google Chrome! Click the translation tool again and, instead of translating the content to your default language, click the three dots:

Select another language

Click on " Select another language ". Go through the list and choose the language into which you want to translate the content of the page. Select a language of your choice:

Choose another language

Then click on " Translate ”And the content of the page will be translated automatically. Proceed in the same way to translate a page in Google Chrome or to select another translation language.

Change the display language of Google Chrome

During its installation, Google Chrome automatically inherits the language of the operating system. However, it offers the possibility of changing the display language (interface) at any time, via the parameters. Access the browser settings:

Change the language of Google Chrome

Unroll the " advanced settings »In the left sidebar and select the language management option. Click on " Language And select another. If the desired language is not in the list, add it by clicking on " Add languages ».

Change Chrome interface language

Search for a language and add it. If you are on a computer, click on the three dots to the right of the language in question, and tick " Show Google Chrome in this language ". Then restart Google Chrome to apply your changes.

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