Transfer files to PC with Xender | Connect Android to a computer with Xender

Transfer files to PC with Xender

With Xender, it is possible to transfer files from the Android smartphone to the computer and vice versa, and this very quickly. Find out in this article how to transfer files to PC with Xender, how to connect your Android smartphone to your computer.

The maneuver is not all new, and yet some still do not know how to proceed. Others even ignore this possibility. Once you figure out how to do it, and it's simple, you will start to do without your USB cable from time to time.

Connect an Android smartphone to a computer with Xender

Xender also allows file sharing between two smartphones. The application exploits the Wi-Fi technology of the smartphone used, creating an access point. It is therefore through this local network (access point created) that the transfer of files will be possible to another nearby device.

Apart from transferring files to PC with Xender, once your devices are connected, it would be possible for one to use the other's internet connection. This is a one-way street. That is, the PC will use the internet data of the smartphone, if enabled. The reverse might be possible, but at the moment I cannot guarantee it.

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Transfer files to PC with Xender

There are some prerequisites for transferring files to PC with Xender. In fact, your computer as well as your smartphone should be able to use Wi-Fi without any problem. You will not be able to enjoy it if the network drivers in your computer are not in order. Try to install Driver Pack Solution if that is the case.

You must also have the latest version of Xender installed on your Android smartphone. You can download and install it directly through Play Store or by searching for its APK package. Download and install Xender on Android or iOS.

Creation of the access point, connection sharing with the smartphone

Open Xender on your smartphone and do the following:

Step 1 : Press the icon at the top right of the screen and choose " Connect PC ". The application will ask you to go to your smartphone's network settings to create an access point.

Transfer files to PC with Xender

Older versions made it possible to create an access point directly from Xender, that is to say without having to quit the application. Uh yes, long live the updates.

Step 2 : Press on " Go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> HotSpot and create a hotspot ". It might not sound like a clickable item, but it is. Tap on it and the app will send you to the settings for creating the wireless access point (tethering).

Create WiFi access point

At this level, you will have to create a mobile access point (HotSpot Wi-Fi) with your smartphone and return to the application to transfer files to PC with Xender. Activate your access point (with or without password). This article describes the different steps to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Android.

Once the access point has been created, go back to Xender, you will have a local IP address with which you will establish the connection with the computer. On the screenshot you will see opposite, the address will look like:

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Connecting the computer to the created Wi-Fi access point

Once the access point is created, put your phone aside and open your PC. To transfer files to PC with Xender, go to the notifications bar of your PC, click on the Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi and connect to the one created from your smartphone. You will recognize it by name Xender_ (…).

Connect the PC to the Xender Wi-Fi HotSpot

Once the PC is connected to the smartphone, open one of the web browsers installed on your PC. Opera, Chrome, Firefox or other, open any of them and enter the local IP address present in Xender. I proceed with Google Chrome:

PC and Smartphone connection: authorization request

Enter the IP address in the address bar of the browser you have chosen and press the key Enter. A confirmation notification will be displayed on the smartphone, accept to allow the connection between the two devices. You may be shown another message:

Transfer without use of data

This means that your smartphone is not using mobile data. Press on " OK ". If your phone uses mobile data, the mobile data will be used by the computer. If you have a limited internet plan, which you want to save, then be sure to turn off your smartphone's mobile data before allowing this connection.

Use Xender, transfer files to PC with Xender

Now that you have access to the items on your smartphone through your computer's web browser, you can view, transfer or delete the items you want. The Xender HTML home page will look like this in your web browser:

Xender HTML home page on PC web browser

From there you can manage photos, videos, music, documents, applications, folders and any type of file. Here are the possible operations for managing photos, videos, documents and music: View / read, delete, add a new item.

You can transfer items from the smartphone to the PC (down dart icon) or from the PC to the smartphone by clicking on the big button " Download ».

Download, add new item

When it comes to transferring a file from the PC to the smartphone, you will have to browse your disk and various folders to find the item to be placed in the phone's memory.

The part " Applications »As for it, allows to save on the computer the APK package of an application of your choice. It also allows you to install an application on the smartphone directly from the computer. Just click on " Install the app », Find the APK package and start the installation.

File management on PC with Xender

You can also transfer files to PC with Xender without questioning their type. This is what the file management tab is for. From there you can transfer almost any type of file from the computer to the smartphone and vice versa.

File management: Transfer files to PC with Xender

Briefly, it goes like this:

  1. Button to be used to search for an item on the PC and place it on the smartphone.
  2. After clicking on an item, button 2 allows you to download it locally on the computer disk (smartphone to computer). In the downloads folder.
  3. Create a new folder on the smartphone memory.
  4. Rename an item of your choice, being on the smartphone's memory.
  5. Cut an element.
  6. Copy an item.
  7. Paste an element.
  8. Delete an item.
  9. Refresh the list of items.

Now you know how to transfer files to PC with Xender. This method is not complicated. The more you get used to using it, the more it will become child's play for you.

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