The best makeup apps for Android and iPhone or iPad

The best makeup apps for Android and iPhone

Are you looking for makeup apps for Android and iPhone? Very fashionable, virtual makeup through mobile applications is a practice that many engage in to retouch their face and achieve a different look.

To do beauty makeup, there are several applications, some of which offer different filters for retouching. In this article, let's find out about the most used makeup apps for Android and iPhone, which you can use to change your hairstyle, or even to change your face makeup.

YouCam Makeup

It is one of the most popular makeup apps for Android and iPhone. YouCam Makeup makes your selfies stand out with a whole different look.

The application offers several effects to achieve a makeup that suits you best. Like those allowing to remove certain imperfections of your face, to have even more beautiful eyes, to change the shape of your face, the shape of your nose etc.

YouCam Makeup

You can also use the proposed 3D tools or the application's virtual mirror to further enhance your images and thus obtain better makeup. Thanks to Youcam Makeup, your camera configured in selfie mode acts as a mirror. The app uses facial recognition technology to determine which parts of your face to apply makeup.

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YouCam Makeup offers a full range of effects dedicated to skin care. You can thus eliminate spots or acne. The application is free (available in Play Store et App Store), also offers advice on the health of your skin and a whole world of features.

Download YouCam Makeup for Android | for iPhone.

Makeup Genius

This is a makeup application allowing you to test the quality of your makeup by directly using your smartphone camera.

Offering several makeup filters, Makeup Genius allows you to transform part or all of your face. Just choose a photo from the gallery, or take a direct capture and switch to makeup.

Makeup Genius

Today it is one of the best makeup apps for Android and iPhone. Makeup Genius helps you choose a suitable mascara or lipstick color for your face, change the size of your eyes, lips, etc.

Download Makeup Genius for Andoid | for iPhone.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Available on Android and iOS, Mary kay makeover is an application of Mary Kay, manufacturer of ladies' beauty products. The app provides users with several makeover effects with a full range of tools for hairdressing, jewelry, nails and more accessories.

It offers samples that users can test through the app. The user can finally either buy or save the treatment and share it at will on WhatsApp or other social network.

Mary kay makeover

Mary Kay Makeover is a good option for people in need of guidance in making a better choice of look. The app keeps fashionable by suggesting to users several trends depending on the time of year.

By installing the application, you can use its multiple features or also buy branded products that appeal to you.

Download Mary Kay Makeover for Android | for iPhone.

Makeup More

Offering a vast collection, Makeup More features makeovers from some of the best makeup artists. In order to provide the best makeup experience, the application allows the user to search for makeup suited to the trend.

You can improve the quality of your pictures or selfies by adding accessories to them to achieve a different and more beautiful look.

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Makeup More

Download Makeup Plus for Andoid | for iPhone.

Perfect 365

One of the best makeup apps for Android and iPhone is Perfect 365. Very well known, it allows to transform the appearance of the skin and to make the complexion clearer and clearer.

With several features and built-in makeup styles, it also allows you to perform virtual makeup on hair, face, etc.

Perfect 365

Perfect 365 allows you to change the hairstyle, get in touch with a professional makeup artist available in your area. It also offers help tools to guide users with advice on creating looks on their face.

Download Perfect 365 for Android | for iPhone.


InstaBeauty is an application that offers very interesting effects. It allows you to make a collage or retouch the selfies according to the user's taste, directly using the camera.

The app gives you the option to control your size or remove skin blemishes. It also makes it possible to modify the size of the face, the size of the nose or to change the hairstyle.


In addition to being free, it also allows you to make a complete retouching of the skin by eradicating pimples and blackheads. By eradicating acne and making the skin look perfect.

Download InstaBeauty for Andoid | for iPhone.

Wonder Photo

With Wonder Photo, you won't miss a thing when it comes to makeup. Being one of the best makeup apps for Android and iPhone, it allows you to achieve exceptional makeup in minutes and share it on social media.

The application allows you to add effects to the images by embellishing them, to make collages with or without adjusting the skin tone.

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Wonder Photo

It allows to perfect the face by eliminating any kind of imperfection. You can also create small montages and make movies from your beautiful photos.

Download Photo Wonder for Android | for iPhone.

ModiFace Photo Editor

ModiFace Photo Editor is a photo editing app specializing in facial enhancement. It allows you to change the contours of your face, change the shape and color of your eyes, and add makeup. You can refine your face by enhancing the features and performing a complete reshaping.

ModiFace Photo Editor

You can also enlarge your eyes or make other simple edits by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and cropping of the image. ModiFace Photo Editor is one of the most used makeup apps for Android and iPhone.

Download ModiFace Photo Editor for Android | for iPhone.


It is one of the most used makeup and beauty apps nowadays. Faceapp allows users to change their hairstyles and look. It also enables a gender transformation that has attracted a large number of users.

The app also uses the user's image to make them look older, which is quite interesting.


It is one of the best makeup apps for Android and iPhone, albeit very controversial these days. It is suspected of keeping biometric information of users. Which could harm users' privacy if this proves to be true.

Download FaceApp for Android | for iPhone.

YouCam Shop

Application of YouCam, this one allows you to make make-up and to buy the products used directly from the application. YouCam Shop includes makeup tutorials, and allows users to chat and share beauty tips with each other.

YouCam Shop

Download YouCam Shop for Andoid | for iphone.

There are other virtual makeup apps that can be used on mobile. But the ones mentioned are the most popular and used makeup apps for Android and iPhone.

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