Take a screenshot on Mac using macOS keyboard shortcuts and utility

Take a screenshot on Mac

Just like Windows, the different versions of macOS offer multiple options for capturing screen content. You can take a screenshot on Mac by using keyboard shortcuts or by using an in-system tool dedicated to screenshot capture.

Take a screenshot on Mac with keyboard shortcuts

On Windows, using the keyboard shortcut allows you to capture the entire screen. On the Mac, however, several options are available: capturing the entire screen, capturing a macOS window / menu and capturing part of the screen (free capture).

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Here are the different keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot on Mac:

Shortcut 1 : Capture the entire macOS screen: press and hold the keys simultaneously Shift, Command et 3. The capture will be made immediately and saved.

Capture the whole screen of macOS

Shortcut 2 : Capture a macOS window or menu: press and hold down the keys simultaneously Shift, Command, 4 and space bar. Move the mouse cursor, transformed into a camera icon, you will see the window concerned take color.

Capture a macOS window or menu

Then press the space bar on your keyboard to make and save the capture. Press the key Esc if you want to cancel the screenshot.

Shortcut 3 : Capture the free capture of a chosen area of ​​the screen: press the keys simultaneously and hold down Shift, Command et 4.

Capture an area of ​​the macOS screen

Position the mouse cursor to select the target area. The capture will be saved as soon as the mouse button (left) is released.

The various screenshots are automatically saved to the macOS desktop, in PNG format. You will recognize them by the name of the screenshot, along with the date and time when they were taken.

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Take a screenshot on mac and paste into a document

Each time you have captured the screen using one of the keyboard shortcuts offered, the image saved on the desktop will also be stored in the clipboard. This means that you can paste it into one of your documents or software by simply combining Command et V.

Any item that will be copied afterwards will replace the last captured image from the clipboard. The clipboard is very volatile. If you want to paste something you just captured from the screen, do so immediately. Otherwise you will have to look for it in its storage location.

Take a screenshot on Mac with Screen Capture app

You can also take a screenshot on Mac using the Screenshot application, built into macOS. It offers a lot of leeway. It offers tools for capturing images and recording the screen (video), delaying the capture, etc.

To start the tool, simultaneously press the keys Shift, Command et 5.

Launch macOS screenshot tool

You can also access the tool from Finder by expanding the menu Go. Scroll down and go to the Utilities to open " Screenshot ". This tool allows you to make several types of captures and to customize a storage location.

Click on " Options To set your preferences and start a capture type of your choice as soon as you think you're ready. Find out and try other features this tool offers, such as screen recording (Video).

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