Download SmadAV Antivirus 2022 Setup 32/64 Bit Free For PC Windows

SmadAV Antivirus 2021 Free Download for Windows PC

Developed by Smadsoft, an Indonesian software publisher, SmadAV is an antivirus (free and paid for the Pro version) which has won over many Windows users. In this article, find out how to download SmadAV antivirus for free and use it to add more protection to your operating system.

His name should not be confusing " antivirus ". SmadAV is not strictly speaking an antivirus, it is in fact additional protection software. As its full name suggests " USB Antivirus & Secondary Protection », It takes care of analyzing and removing threats that may come from external storage devices. USB keys in particular.

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This means, and you will have noticed, that by connecting a USB key or an external storage device of another type, SmadAV analyzes it right away. If it finds the presence of a malicious element, it fixes it automatically to put it out of harm's way.

SmadAV Antivirus Scan

For some threats, it is also possible that SmadAV will not be able to eradicate them automatically permanently. At that time, it will be up to you to go find them to fix them manually. It's even simple, you will find out how.

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SmadAV Antivirus 2022 Free Download for Windows PC

Smadav supports Windows 32 as well as 64 bit versions. So you can download SmadAV antivirus and install it without any inconvenience on your computer. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you, not being a full-fledged antivirus, use ALWAYS un full antivirus next to SmadAV.

The file you are going to download is the free version of SmadAV. As said at the very beginning, there is the paid version (Pro), which offers more protection features. For many, the free version already offers what it takes. Would you like to get a free license of SmadAV Pro ?

 Download SmadAV Setup

Download the file and unzip it, no need for a decompression software for that. After, launch the executable file and proceed with the installation by following the instructions. This shouldn't be a problem for you if you've already installed a program on Windows. Same routine.

About SmadAV:

Scan devices with SmadAV

As said, SmadAV scans any external storage device the moment it is plugged into the computer, in order to automatically detect and fix any threats. But sometimes after the scan it becomes necessary to go through the software to erase some viruses manually.

After each scan, whether it concerns a USB key, a disk partition, the process, computer drivers or the register, get in the habit of going into the details (the " Virus ") To see if there are any that remain in order to eradicate them permanently.

Details of scan results with SmadAV

By switching to the " Virus », Select them all and proceed to the deletion. And if you want to keep a few, which I very much doubt, then select the ones to delete and leave others. Also get in the habit of visiting the " Hidden To see if there are any that are hidden.

You are not wrong if you have chosen to download SmadAV antivirus. Personally, this is one of the tools that I rarely do without. Even though, I have to admit, I don't use external storage devices much.

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