Which sites to download free torrent movies in French without registering?

Sites to download free torrent movies

In this article, we offer you a small list of sites to download free torrent movies, in an easy and fast way. There are many sites offering torrent movie downloads, but not all of them are free or contain content in French.

In addition, following legal proceedings, some are forced to close or change addresses regularly, which could lead to look elsewhere. However, there are some great torrent movie download sites out there, a few of which you will discover. How to use a .torrent file ?

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The best sites to download free torrent movies

As a reminder, these sites offer content generally protected by copyright, which makes them liable to legal proceedings. And so : take care. You will have understood why some of them work one day and become inaccessible the next day.

Something else to remember: use a VPN to hide your IP address as well as your activities on the internet. By visiting these sites and downloading content from them, your internet service provider and other third parties would be aware of all your activities and downloads. With a VPN you go under total anonymity.

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torrent9 is a name you've probably heard before. It offers the downloading of torrents of movies, series, music, software, games, animes, etc. On Torrent9, you will quickly get results for your research. It has several mirror sites including OXTorrent, which you will also discover.

Torrent9 to download free torrent movies

It has a native interface and allows you to download for free, without registration. You will find almost everything there. However, you will have to put up with the display of some advertisements, sometimes intrusive, and even the opening of others in new tabs. What could bother some, but it is the price of free.


Regarding sites to download torrent movies for free, OXTorrent is currently one of the most popular. Entirely in French, it offers millions of torrents including many films, series and other content, downloadable in a few clicks.


OXTorrent is one of the security mirrors of torrent9, and earned a good place on the list of most popular torrent download sites. You will download movies, series, music, software, etc. all for free and without registration. Of course, not to mention the advertising.


YggTorrent allows you to search, download and even add torrents. It is currently one of the best sites to download torrent movies, but it is semi-public. To say that, unlike those above, the download requires an account or a registration.


It has a community of several million users, and provides access to a large number of torrents. It is free, in French, and offers the downloading of films and series, videos, audio, books, games and applications, etc.


Having long been the leader in downloading torrent files in French, cpasbien always talk about him. It also offers movies and series, music, games and applications in torrents, free and without registration. It displays the most recent works and offers a menu to filter the contents.


Cpasbien offers content in French, with its simple and very recognizable interface. Not requiring connection or creation of an account, here too you will have to support the display of advertisements, sometimes intrusive, through the automatic opening of new tabs.

Other sites to download torrent movies for free

Beside those which have just been presented to you, there are other sites to download free torrent movies. Some require registration or login with an account, if you already have one. Others do not require a connection, but offer little French language content.

Kickass Torrents,




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