Fix a MacBook that won't turn on

Fix a MacBook that won't turn on

Are you wondering how to fix a MacBook that won't turn on? If you have a MacBook stuck on a black screen, or it simply won't turn on, be aware that there are several causes.

Among them: a possible defection of the screen (rare but still possible), a problem with the power supply, battery or adapter, or also a system management controller error, to name a few. . If you are facing this problem, here is how to fix MacBook that won't turn on anymore.

Before trying the following, check if your Mac's battery is working fine, maybe that's where the problem lies. Or check the connection of your computer to the power source. Make sure it is plugged into the mains, the problem could be there.

If there is a power failure, check what is not working. If it is the adapter or the cable, change it. If, on the other hand, you are sure that there is no problem with the power supply or the battery, then try the following steps.

Fix a MacBook that won't turn on: iMac

How to fix a MacBook that won't turn on?

Check for signs of feeding

By pressing the ignition button, what finding (s) do you make? Press the power button on your computer, then try to be alert and check for the following signs that indicate a power up:

  • Noises emitted at start-up (noise related to starting the fan, noise related to the hard disk, etc.).
  • The lights emitted at startup (the light of the shift key, the standby light or the backlight of the keyboard).

If you notice the signs of power but your MacBook screen remains dark, then try to check if it is not a display issue.

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Check your MacBook display

If you're using a portable Mac computer, you can try plugging in its power adapter (if you haven't already) and see how it performs. You can also try plugging it into an external display to see the result. Alternatively, if your Mac is a desktop computer, you can try to:

  • Disconnect all external devices connected to the computers, such as printers, mobile devices or USB hubs or disk external hard. Some of them can interfere with the operation of the Mac.
  • Check if the external display is switched on and connected.
  • Disconnect the video cable and reconnect it again, or change the video port and connect it to another port.
  • Change the video adapter or monitor.

Force restart to fix MacBook that won't turn on

By trying to force restart, with signs of power or without, you may be able to fix the problem with your MacBook.

To do this, just press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds, a small click sound will alert you to the power cut in the device. Press the power button again to turn your computer back on.

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Reset the System Management Controller (CGS)

The system management controller (CGS), in English System Management Controller (SMC), manages certain features of your Mac (ventilation, battery and charging, folding the screen, etc.). It solves certain complications related to the battery or to the power supply of your computer.

Resetting it can therefore help fix a MacBook that won't turn on, if the problem is caused by a management malfunction.

Here's how to fix a MacBook that won't turn on by resetting the CGS :

Mac Laptops with T2 Security Chip

Computers affected for security chip T2 are : iMac Pro, Mac Pro (from 2019), Mac mini (from 2018), MacBook Air (from 2018), MacBook Pro (from 2018).

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Simultaneously press the keys on the keyboard Control, Option (Old) et May. The Control and Option keys used are those on the lower left side of the keyboard, and the Shift key on the lower right side (above the arrow keys).
  • Without releasing these three keys, also hold the power button pressed and count up to 7 seconds then release the four buttons.
  • After releasing the keys, wait a few seconds then turn on your Mac through the power button.

Reset MacBook Pro System Management Controller

If this combination doesn't work on your Mac model, try this one:

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Simultaneously press the keys on the keyboard May, Control and Option (Old). Here, the keys used (all) are those on the lower left side of your keyboard. They are all three neighbors.
  • Then press the power button, and hold all four keys for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Release them, then press the power button to turn on your MacBook.

Reset MacBook Air system management controller

Desktop Mac computers with or without T2 chip

  • Turn off the computer then unplug its power cable.
  • Allow up to 15 seconds, then reconnect the power.
  • Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on your computer.

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Use Safe Mode to fix MacBook that won't turn on

Safe Mode starts your computer while preventing software from loading that is not built into your operating system. Through this mode, you can also repair a MacBook that no longer turns on.

In fact, this mode gives you quick access to your disks. This allows you to delete some caches stored by the system and those in the kernel.

Here's how to launch Safe Mode:

  • Restart your computer, or turn it on if it is off.
  • When switching it on, press directly (and for a long time) the key May.
  • The window of start without extensions appears, then release the button.
  • Sign in to use your Mac.

Reset your Mac's NVRAM

When it comes to fixing a MacBook that won't turn on, resetting memory NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory), can be very important. In fact, it is a smaller volume memory that stores information and settings related to your system, such as screen resolution, sound volume, information about recent kernel errors, etc.

The problem with your MacBook may be due to an error in NVRAM. In this case a reset of this memory could be the solution.

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To reset the NVRAM, here is the procedure:

  • Shut down your computer if it is on.
  • Switch it on again and press directly (and simultaneously) the keys Option (Alt), (Command), P et R. Keep these buttons pressed for 20 to 25 seconds.
  • Release the keys when the Apple logo appears (for Macs with the T2 security chip).
  • Release the keys after the second dial tone (for Macs that produce a dial tone at startup).

MacBook NVRAM reset

After booting is complete, configure settings like startup disk selection, volume, or other settings in system preferences.

Boot your MacBook from the recovery feature

One option to fix a MacBook that won't turn on is to go through the macOS recovery utility. The functionality of this tool gives you the ability to repair your MacBook by allowing you to perform a number of actions.

Among them, the possibility of restore your files from a Time Machine backup, reinstalling MacOs, requesting online help, repairing or simply managing disks through disk utility.

Recovery utility to fix Macbook that won't turn on anymore

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To fix a MacBook that no longer turns on from the MacOs utilities window, here is the procedure:

  • Shut down your Mac if it's on.
  • Turn on the computer and directly press the keys (Command) et R. keep them pressed.
  • When the Apple logo appears, release them. Your Mac has then entered recovery mode.
  • Enter the requested password, in case it is required.

Through this tool, you can perform the recovery operation that suits you. But if you opt to reinstall MacOs, here are some commands to start reinstalling your computer from the recovery tool:

  • (Command) et R: this combination allows you to install the MacOs version which was installed on your computer before the malfunction.
  • options, ⌘ (Command) et R: this combination allows you to automatically search for the version of MacOs compatible with your computer and to offer you the installation.
  • Shift, Option, ⌘ (Command) et: this combination allows you to install the factory version of MacOs. That is, the version with which your MacBook was shipped.

Contact Apple Support

If after reading this article, and despite all the manipulations you have tried, you are still wondering how to fix a MacBook that no longer turns on and solve the problem your computer is experiencing, then you can contact the service support to get in touch with a specialist.

If you were successful in fixing your MacBook through this article or using another trick, then share it with us in the comments. Don't forget to share if you liked the article.

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