Remove Windows 10, Win 8 password when starting computer

Remove Windows Password

For reasons of policy, it is advisable to keep the computer locked. Unlocking Windows can be dangerous. But if you want to remove Windows password to make it freely accessible after every boot, then this article will walk you through different steps.

Like any operating system, Windows 10 - especially in its recent versions - pays particular attention to the security of user data. By installing Windows, it now requires configuring one of the locking modes it offers.

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Before you remove the password from Windows, make sure you have a good reason for doing so. Once you unlock it, anyone will be able to access your data if they happen to get their hands on your computer.

Remove password from Windows 10 and Windows 8

Windows 10 and Windows 8 have a lot in common, and offer more than one way to turn off the lock. To remove the password from Windows 10 or Windows 8, the procedure is valid for Windows 7 too, proceed as follows:

Combine keys WINDOWS+R. Press them simultaneously, Windows will show you its command executor. Enter one of these two commands:

Control Userpasswords2

Windows Command Executor

Enter one of the two commands and click on " OK »Or do Enter. In the next window, uncheck the box " Users must enter a username and password to use this computer ».

Remove Windows Password

To remove the Windows password, enter the username and enter your password twice. Restart your operating system to verify that the changes have been applied, or combine the keys WINDOWS+L. Windows will no longer have to ask for the password.

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Disable Windows 10 and Windows 8 password through settings

For both operating systems, you can also go through settings and remove the Windows password. Here's how to access PC settings on Windows 8:

Windows 8

Move the mouse cursor at the right corner of the screen and click on " Parameters The very last item.

Windows 8 settings

Then click on " Change PC settings ».

Change Windows 8 PC Settings

In the game " Users ", Go to the connection options and click" Change your password »

Remove password from Windows 8

Enter your current password and click " Next ". Windows will ask you to enter your new password, leave all the boxes empty and click on " Next ". You will have deactivated your password without configuring a new one.

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Windows 10

You can also go through the settings and remove the password from Windows 10. Access the Windows settings through the start menu and go to " Accounts ". In the left bar, click on " Connection options And change your password.

Change, remove password from Windows 10

Enter your current password and click " Next ". Windows will ask you to enter your new password, leave all the boxes empty and click on " Next ". You will then have deactivated the password.

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