Delete an Apple Watch app without iPhone and with iPhone

Delete an Apple Watch app without iPhone and with iPhone

If you think that it would be better for one or more of your applications to disappear from your Smartwatch, then find out how to delete an Apple Watch app. This allows you to optimize your watch by uninstalling applications that would overload it or interfere with its interface unnecessarily.

There are two ways to delete an Apple Watch app. The first is to do it on your Apple Watch, right from your handshake. The second is to do it using your iPhone.

To permanently uninstall one or more applications available on your Apple Watch, it is rather on your iPhone that it would be done. Since the apps available on your Apple Watch are just additional parts of those used on your iPhone.

How to delete an Apple Watch app directly from the watch?

Here are the steps on how to remove one or more apps from your Apple Watch directly from your handshake. And therefore without having to use your iPhone.

Step 1 : Go to the home screen of your Apple Watch. Locate one or more applications that you want to remove from your watch.

Step 2 : If your apps are grouped in a grid view, long-press the icon of the targeted app until the app starts to move. Then release your finger to proceed to deletion.

Step 3 : While the application icons start to switch, tap the delete icon (the small cross, X, upper right corner). Then authorize the removal of the application from the memory of your Apple Watch by validating the warning message.

If your Apple Watch uses a list view instead, the removal method will vary slightly. But it is just as simple. In this case, go to the Home screen of your Apple Watch once again. Locate the icon of the application to be deleted, tap it by sliding your finger to the left. Then tap the delete icon (Trash can).

Apple also allows you to remove built-in applications, which come by default with Apple Watch. Only that happens through the use of the iPhone. So not possible directly from the Apple Watch. This is actually removing the app from the iPhone and it will also disappear from the Apple Watch.

How to delete an Apple Watch app using your iPhone?

If you will instead use your iPhone to delete one or more of your Apple Watch applications, here's how:

Step 1 : On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch application and go to the " My watch To manage and remove applications from your Apple Watch.

My watch: Apple Watch

Step 2 : In the list of apps, find the one you want to remove from your Apple Watch. Tap on it and turn off the " View the app on Apple Watch ". Wait for the iPhone to delete the app and sync with the watch. If you later want to display an app on your Apple Watch, do the same.

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