Put Foxit Reader in French, Change the language of Foxit Reader

Put Foxit Reader in French

Since it has become a full-fledged PDF reader, Foxit Reader integrates several languages ​​including French. However, it may be installed in Russian or Chinese on your computer. We now show you how to change the language, how to put Foxit Reader in French.

Like most software, Foxit Reader offers the possibility of choosing a language during the installation phase. Download and install one of the recent versions of Foxit Reader. You will choose the desired language during the installation.

Change the language of Foxit Reader

Changing the Foxit Reader display language is not difficult. As you will see, you will be able to put Foxit Reader in French or in any other language supported by the software. Here's how to do it, assuming it's in Russian:

Step 1 : Open Foxit Reader. Click on the tab in orange color, in French it would bear the name " File ". In the left bar, click on the penultimate element (framed in yellow). In French it would bear the name of " Preferences ».

Foxit Reader Preferences

Step 2 : Another window will open with several options. The position of the language management menu changes depending on the language used by Foxit Reader. If you are in Russian, this will be the very last item. To find it more easily, scroll through the options on the left by clicking on one after the other until you see this:

Language management in Foxit Reader

Whatever the language, you will recognize this option by the small icons to the left of various elements present. The first compartment contains the official languages ​​of Foxit Reader, the second contains the languages ​​“translated by the communities”.

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You will choose one of the official languages, so as not to complicate matters. The different languages ​​have their language files (XML files) displayed to their right. Here is a small table that shows some languages ​​and their XML files:

Language Language file
German de-DE.xml
English en-US.xml
French en-GB.xml
Italy it-IT.xml
Japanese ja-JP.xml
Russian ru-RU.xml

Put Foxit Reader in French

To put Foxit Reader in French, browse the list of official languages ​​and select " lang_fr-FR.xml ". You will have thus found the French. Click on it, then on " OK »Or simply on the button pointed in green as in the screenshot below:

Put Foxit Reader in French

You will then be asked to restart the software to save the change and put Foxit Reader in French. Don't worry about your tasks or your documents being processed. Foxit Reader will restore everything right after restarting.

Restart Foxit Reader

As in the screenshot above, click on the left button and wait for the software to restart in French or in the selected language.

Foxit Reader restarted in French

As you will have noticed, putting Foxit Reader in French is nothing complicated. You just have to follow these small steps.

The very first time I used this software, it was in Russian. I admit having struggled for a while before managing to put it in English, since he did not have French in his list of languages. Now you can output Foxit Reader from any language.

  1. Following an automatic update, I lost the FR language. It was no longer in the files, therefore no longer available for selection in the software.
    I couldn't find any other way other than uninstall / reinstall Foxit, as I couldn't find the retail languages ​​on the software vendor site.

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