Put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY on Windows PC and MacBook

Put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY on Windows PC and MacBook

On Windows or macOS, each user has their own preference when it comes to keyboard layout. If the current layout of your keyboard does not suit you, you can change it and put it in QWERTY or AZERTY depending on what you want.

Both layouts, QWERTY and AZERTY, get their names from the first letters of the top row of alphabetic letters. While the AZERTY keyboard is intended for French-speaking users, QWERTY is better suited to English-speaking users. Several reasons can push to switch from one to the other.

Put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY on a Windows PC

On Windows, you can change the layout of your keyboard through the language preference management settings or by using keyboard shortcuts. By default, Windows uses the system display language as the input language, although this is not always the case.

Change keyboard layout with keyboard shortcuts

  • Press the keys simultaneously MAJ et OTHER. This key combination is used to put a keyboard in QWERTY and to return to the AZERTY layout or to switch to another language installed on Windows.
  • Press the keys simultaneously OTHER et SHIFT or on the keys WINDOWS Windows icon et SPACE. The languages ​​used will be displayed on the screen and you can select the one of your choice, always using these two keys.

Change the keyboard layout through the management of language preferences

In addition to the Windows keyboard shortcuts, you can change the layout of your keyboard and put it in QWERTY or AZERTY through the settings for managing language preferences.

At the bottom right of your screen, click on the symbol of the language used by your keyboard, FRA for example. Choose ENG among the languages ​​that will be offered to you and your keyboard will switch to QWERTY:

Languages ​​on Windows toolbar

You can also do this by going to settings. On Windows 7 and 8, go to the Pconfiguration ring then in " Clock and Region ". Go to the keyboard and languages ​​management, select the language to use for the keyboard. On Windows 10, click on " Language preferences ":

Put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY on Windows

In Windows settings (Language), click on " Keyboard », Browse the drop-down list of your languages ​​and choose the one you want to use as the input method.

Put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY on a MacBook

Changing the keyboard layout on Mac is just as easy. See you in the System Preferences, via the Apple menu Apple Icon and click on " Keyboard " or " Language and text »For older versions.

Switch to " Input methods »And add the languages ​​of your choice by pressing + at the bottom left. Select a language, then add it and tick " Display the input menu in the menu bar ».

Mac input menu

The added language will automatically be part of the list of preferred languages ​​and will be accessible through the input menu for quick change. You will be able to change the language of your keyboard at any time, by clicking on the associated flag.

As on Windows PC, on Mac also you can put a keyboard in QWERTY or AZERTY using the keyboard shortcuts. To change the keyboard layout on your Mac, use the key combination CONTROL et SPACE or that of the keys OPTION, COMMAND et SPACE.

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