Program an SMS on Android: Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. Plan to send an SMS

Schedule an SMS on Android

Find out how to schedule an SMS on Android directly with the smartphone's messaging app. You will be able to write messages in advance and schedule their sending at a specific date, time, with the messaging application built into Android.

Schedule the sending of an SMS on Android

Currently any smartphone running the Android system allows you to schedule the sending of one or more SMS. Between Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi or any other brand, there is very little difference in how to do this.

The procedure is quite simple. To schedule an SMS on Android, open the messaging app and start composing your message. Before planning to send it, you should know that you can modify the message or cancel it at any time. As long as it is on hold.

In the message editor, press the plus button (+) next to the text, then on the three vertical dots to expand the menu. Select " Scheduled sending " or " Schedule a message ". Specify the time and date to send and schedule the message.

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Schedule an SMS on Android with Google Message

Note : With Google Message, sending your SMS will be conditioned by an internet connection. If, at the time of sending, your device is not connected then the message will not be sent. It will be as soon as your device is connected to the internet again.

After writing the message, press and hold the send button. You will be offered the programming option, in which you will have to customize the date and then the time. You will also be able to choose those which will be suggested to you by the application.

Set the recommended settings and, when all are set, save them. Then press the send icon and the message will be scheduled to be automatically sent at the set time. The clock icon will be attached to the relevant message to indicate that it is scheduled.

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Schedule the sending of an SMS on Xiaomi

To schedule an SMS on Android, with a Xiaomi smartphone, open the messaging application. Write the message or schedule it in advance. Push the button + to the left of the text box, then on program:

Schedule an SMS on a Xiaomi smartphone

Customize the date, then the time and validate:

Customize the sending date and time

Continue writing the message and, if it's ready, send it.

SMS programmed for automatic sending

The message will be sent automatically at the set time. The clock icon will be attached to the relevant message to indicate that it is scheduled. Here, unlike Google Message, no internet connection is required for sending messages.

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