My iPhone does not turn on, black screen. What to do ? Restore a black screen iPhone

My iPhone no longer turns on, what should I do?

Your iPhone was working fine awhile ago and now it's a black screen? If it gets stuck on the apple or just won't turn on, here are some ways to solve the problem and repair it if your iPhone does not turn on anymore.

Why your iPhone does not turn on, and how to fix it right now?

Your battery is low

iPhone or not, when the question arises, sometimes it is your phone battery. It's often overlooked, but if your iPhone won't turn on, start by plugging it in with a good charger for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Make sure the cable and charger are working fine.

iPhone low battery

If the problem was caused by battery drain, the charging screen should appear after a few minutes. If the charging screen does not appear after this time, and you still have nothing on your screen, then go to the next step.

Fix iPhone black screen with Fixppo

iMyFone Fixpo is a tool that specializes in fixing all iOS issues, including a iPhone stuck on Apple logo, the black screen, the iPhone turning off by itself. If your iPhone won't turn on anymore, or if it has some other startup problem, Fixppo will help you solve the problem in a simple and thorough way.

Download Fixppo HERE and follow the steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and click Standard Mode.

Connect iPhone to computer - Fixppo

2. Fixppo will detect your iPhone and download the corresponding Firmware. This process will take 5-10 minutes.

Fixppo, beginning of the repair

3. Click on " Start and let Fixppo fix your iPhone.

End of repair

Once done, your iPhone will restart. The problem will be fixed and none of your data will be lost.

Restart iPhone manually

Restarting can do the trick in the event that the iPhone no longer turns on. To restart your device, a certain number of buttons will be able to enter games. These are the combinations to be made, but I know that not all iPhones have the same buttons, or in the same places.

  • To iPhone X or iPhone 11 : You will use only one of the volume buttons, at the same time as the side button (power on).
  • iPhone 6, 7 and 8 : you will use the side button (ignition).
  • iPhone 5 and 4 : the ignition button on the upper side of the appliance.

IPhone restart

Hold down the keys corresponding to your model, until you see the cursor to be dragged. Slide it to restart the phone, and wait about 40 seconds for the device to turn off completely.

Then restart it by keeping your finger on the ignition button. Keep the key pressed until the logo appears, then release it and let the iPhone turn on.

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My Phone no longer turns on: Reset iPhone

Your iPhone no longer turns on! Another way you can go is reset. The operation does not affect the content of the device in any way, it simply corresponds to a forced restart.

How to proceed ?

Once again the combination of the keys will be able to be invited into the operation.

  • To iPhone X and iPhones without a center key : the keys concerned are the volume plus button (press and release quickly), the volume minus button (press and release quickly), then the power button (keep it pressed until the logo appears).
  • iPhone 8 : the volume plus button (press and release quickly), the volume minus button (press and release quickly), then the power button (until the logo appears).
  • iPhone 7 : the volume down button and the power button (both at the same time).
  • To iPhone 6 and 5 : the central button (bottom middle of the screen) and the ignition button (at the same time).

IPhone reset

Ignition button : simply the one that you use to turn on, turn off or put your iPhone to sleep. No confusion on that.

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Is your iPhone still not responding?

Try with a computer

If, despite the previous tests, your device still gives nothing, connect it to a computer, Mac or PC. Being on a PC or on MacOS Mojave, simply use the application iTunes. If you are on MacOS Catalina, then you are going to use Finder. I remind you that on MacOS Catalina, iTunes is no longer available.

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While your iPhone is plugged into the computer, press the same keys as in the previous step (reset), depending on the model of your iPhone. Hold the keys and wait for the recovery mode to be activated. You will recognize this mode by a small icon in the middle of the screen, the phone will indicate it.

On computer, a window will warn you that your iPhone has experienced a problem, you can launch an update of its operating system.

And if despite all the methods your iPhone still does not light up? Well, I suggest you go to an authorized Apple service center or contact the brand support center. I think that at this level, serious troubleshooting is required.

If you've managed to turn on your iPhone through this article, let us know in the comments. Don't forget to share the article.

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