Install DriverPack Solution Online and Download DriverPack Offline

Download DriverPack Solution Online and Offline | DriverPack Installation Guide

DriverPack is an efficient driver update utility that is easy to use for all categories of users. It is an essential tool in the absence of certain pilots or need to update. You can install DriverPack Solution Online, or Offline, that is to say by downloading the program to your computer.

With its self-learning algorithm, DriverPack Solution performs a diagnostic in order to learn about the status of the drivers. For those missing, he will then suggest the installation, and the update for those he considers necessary. It also offers the installation of certain software, and the update of those already installed.

If you don't want or can't download the entire driver package before proceeding with the installation, especially since the current version weighs around 23 GB, there is an alternative.

With its free online installation tool, you will be able to install or update your drivers directly from the Internet. And if, on the other hand, you are looking to download DriverPack Solution instead, then this article is for you too.

Download DriverPack Solution Online

With its online installation tool, DriverPack Solution saves you from having to download the entire package. To begin the installation, first download the installer executable file.

Download DriverPack Online installer

After downloading, launch the program.

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Configure DriverPack Solution, select the drivers to install or update

The online update tool will then start its services to diagnose your computer and offer you drivers to install and update. Keep your Internet connection open, otherwise installation will not be possible.

Computer scan before installing DriverPack

Scanning your computer will take a few minutes, sometimes up to five. Wait until it is completed. At the end, DriverPack solution will inform you of the number of drivers that will be installed:

Automatic computer configuration

At this point, you will have ten seconds to switch to expert mode and define which of the drivers you want to install or ignore. After ten seconds, the installer will automatically move on to the next step. It will then automatically install the drivers it deems necessary.

Throughout the installation, you will have a voice assistant that will keep you informed of the progress. During the process, don't click too much and everything at the same time. Let standcomputer to prevent the program from being overloaded and crashing. Here is how you go about it with the expert mode of DriverPack Solution Online:

Selecting drivers to install or update

There you are in the part " Pilotes Of the installer. Scroll up and down with the scroll keys ↑ ↓ on your keyboard. The suggested drivers will be checked by default, uncheck the ones you don't want to install and press " Install all ". Only the installation of the selected drivers will be launched.

The DriverPack Solution Online tool also allows you to install or update software. By switching the installation program to the " Software You will notice a whole list:

Selection of software to install or update

By default no program is checked in DriverPack Solution. It is therefore up to you to select the programs to install or update. Programs are generally known where and how to find them, so this step should not be of great interest to you.

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Install the drivers with DriverPack Solution Online

Before continuing, close your active programs to allow DriverPack Solution to get the maximum performance from your computer. Then temporarily deactivate your antivirus. The latter could emit false positives, false alarms.

At the start of the process, DriverPack Solution will first create a restore point. As the program will inform you, it will be necessary to avoid interrupting the process for a better installation of the drivers. This step takes time, so be patient.

Creating the restore point before installing drivers

After creating the restore point, the installer will move on to configuring your computer. At the same time it will be downloading the file containing the drivers to install.

Configure the computer and download the package file

As in the image above, DriverPack Solution reminds you of what I mentioned somewhere, disabling theantivirus. The latter could emit false positives, which are alerts incorrectly indicating the presence of a malware. It would go so far as to block the execution of DriverPack Solution Online.

If you have not previously stopped your running software, the DriverPack installer will do it for you:

Stopping running programs and preparing for installation

The image above illustrates the preparation of Windows to receive the drivers. This involves several actions including, as you can see, cleaning up RAM memory and terminating the processes of your running programs. The program will then continue with the installation on its own:

Continuation of the installation process

Installing the drivers takes a relatively long time. During the entire process, avoid using your computer. Let the installation of DriverPack Solution Online go smoothly. At the end you will be informed, and the program will ask you to restart your computer:

Completing the installation of DriverPack solution online and restarting the computer

Click without asking any questions. The computer will restart normally. After restarting, the program will continue with the setup and after a few minutes will notify you of the successful installation. Then browse your computer and your various peripherals to observe what impact the installation of the drivers will have had.

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Download DriverPack Solution Offline Full ISO for later installation

Whether you have DriverPack Solution Online installed or not, then here is how to get the full DriverPack Solution installer file. You can download the file to your computer or directly to your smartphone, if you have enough space, to copy it to your computer afterwards.

How to download DriverPack Solution on computer?

Some sites offer to download the driver ISO file. But here we will proceed using the official driver torrent file. It is reliable because officially provided by DriverPack, and allows downloading the package file from official servers.

As a reminder, we are no longer talking about DriverPack Solution Online, but rather Offline, usable without internet access after downloading. To get the ISO file, here are the steps to follow:

Download DriverPack Solution Full Offline

By clicking on the link above, you will download the file DriverPack-Offline.torrent. It is he who will be used to download the package. Now that you have the torrent, download the software for free μTorrent.

Download uTorrent

After downloading, install and launch μTorrent.

Adding the new torrent file

Then go to the menu ficher, Add a torrent. Browse your Hard disk to select the recently downloaded DriverPack torrent file. You will usually find it in downloads. Select it and go to the next step:

Preparing to download DriverPack with uTorrent

Change the save directory of the file after downloading or leave the default one, Downloads. Leave the " Create a subfolder », This will give DriverPack its own subfolder and avoid any confusion with your other files. The rest of the details, change or leave and click on " OK ».

Download DriverPack Offline with uTorrent

That's it, your download is launched. The duration depends on the quality of your internet connection, but you don't have to keep your eyes on it. µTorrent runs well in the background, so you can close the program without interrupting the download.

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How to download DriverPack Solution on Android Smartphone?

You may have the idea to download DriverPack while you are somewhere with no ability to access your computer. And fortunately, today technology allows us to have smartphones with capacities of up to several Gigabytes.

Your smartphone will simply serve as a storage medium while you decide to transfer the file to your computer. To do this, there is still μTorrent who invites himself. This is assuming you downloaded the DriverPack torrent file first.

Download µTorrent for Android.

After downloading and installing, launch µTorrent on your smartphone. Browse your files to find the file DriverPack-Offline.torrent recently downloaded. Once found click on it, it will open directly in µTorrent and start the download.

Another method is to locate the add icon in µTorrent, click on it to enter the URL of the file. DriverPack-Offline.torrent. (

Downloading DriverPack Solution on Android

As soon as done, click on ADD to start the download directly:

Start of the download on uTorrent for Android

The file will automatically create its own folder in your file manager. phone. After downloading, you can keep it on your phone and transfer it to your computer whenever you want.

Between the installation of DriverPack Solution Online and the installation Offline, from the ISO file, you have the choice. This is a sometimes difficult tool to do without and you can use right now to upgrade your computer's drivers.

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