Android TV Apps: Install APK on Android TV Easily

Android TV Apps: Install APK on Android TV Easily

As on an Android smartphone, it is also possible to install an APK on Android TV. This method allows you to install apps that are not available on the Play Store on an Android TV. Although Play Store is still the safest way to get apps for your Android devices.

Install an app from Play Store on Android TV

Before seeing how to install an APK on Android TV, it might be better to recall how to install an app on Android TV through Play Store. Here's how to install the app via Play Store on your Android TV:

Step 1 : Press the home button (Home) from your TV. Browse the list of applications and select " Google Play Store ". If Play Store is not visible on the Android version of your TV, then tap on the "Apps" icon. Apps », Then on that of Google Play Store (Get more Apps).

Step 2 : Once in Play Store, open the search. Then enter the name of the application to install, using the on-screen keyboard. Once found, all you have to do is choose and install the application in question on your TV.

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Install an APK on Android TV

There is nothing complicated about installing an APK package on Android TV. The only obstacle, and not quite, is that some Android TVs don't have a file manager in their list of preinstalled apps.

Download, Install a file manager on Android TV

The file manager allows the exploration and manipulation of any type of file being on the memory of the device. To install an APK on Android TV, you will therefore have to look for a file manager through Play Store. Here's how to find and install it through Play Store:

Step 1 : Launch Play Store on your Android TV. Open the search enter the name of a file manager that you know. Don't panic if you don't know any, just type " File explorer ».

Examples of file managers

Step 2 : Through this request, Play Store will offer you the file managers compatible with your television. Select one, according to your preference, and proceed to install it. Launch it or not at the end of the installation.

Once installed it's good. It will then be necessary to hunt down the APK file to install. If you already have it, then the task becomes easier. Otherwise you will have to look for it on the internet; either on your smartphone or by using the browser on your Android TV. He must have one.

Add the package and install an APK on Android TV

As on smartphones, on Android TV the installation of applications from unknown sources is also disabled by default. Device security requires. To install an APK on Android TV, you will therefore have to go to the settings to lift this restriction.

See you in the Parameters of your television, scroll and search " Security " ou "Security & Restriction". Enter " Unknown sources And activate the functionality for the applications of your choice. Once activated, you can then install an APK file of your choice on your TV.

Then use your APK file and proceed with the installation. You can use a USB stick or MicroSD memory card by copying the file to it. Then by plugging one of these devices into your Android TV for use.

You can also use a cloud service to add the APK package to your TV. If you already have the APKs on another of your devices, upload them to your Google Drive account first, for example. If you think you can take advantage of this option.

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Then, from your Android TV, log into your Google Drive account and download the APK files. You can then proceed to the installation. To install an APK on Android TV, many people prefer to go through Google Drive.

Once the USB key, the MicroSD card plugged in or the APK file downloaded to the TV, go to the file manager, previously downloaded. Browse it to find and install the APK package of the app you want to install.

Then open the APK package and install and you're done.

Uninstall an app on Android TV

Uninstalling an app on an Android TV is also not complicated. There are several ways you can do this, the first is by going to the desktop (Home ou Home) from your TV. Then make a long press on the icon of the application to uninstall and move it to the trash.

The second method to uninstall an app on Android TV is to go to the Parameters, then in Applications ou Application Management. You will have all the applications installed and can uninstall the one of your choice by clicking on it then on " uninstall ».

The other method is to go through Play Store. In " My apps " or " My Apps ". Select the app you want to uninstall. Then select the option to uninstallation and confirm.

Whichever method you choose to uninstall apps on your Android TV, you won't be able to uninstall the preinstalled ones. That is, applications supplied with the device. Now you can install an APK on Android TV without having to worry too much about it.

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