How to interconnect two or more computers by Wifi and cable?

Share data between two computers by Wifi and cable

Regarding the transfer of elements between two computers, USB keys and discs external drives make life easier by solving part of the problem. Whether for personal experience or for group work, through this article you will now be able to interconnect two computers (see several). You will be able to share folders or files, and that by Wifi or by cable.

To interconnect two computers and share folders, files, we will proceed in two ways. First by first using the wireless network (Wifi), then by using a wired link (Ethernet).

How to interconnect two computers by Wifi?

By using Wifi, you can effectively share items between your computers. To achieve this, the very first step is to connect the affected computers to the same wireless network. You can create your own access point by using a router, or by setting up an ad hoc network (computer to computer).

Don't have a router? Here's how to go about interconnecting two computers with the ad hoc network.

Configure an ad hoc network

To create a network and following the best practices and interconnect two computers, open the Control Panel. In Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center, click on " Set up a new connection or a new network ":

Creation of an ad hoc network

In the next window, choose the option proposing to configure an ad hoc wireless network (computer to computer):

Configure an ad hoc network,

Set the network name, security type and key (if you want).

Configure the ad hoc network name and security type

I prefer to leave the network open by not putting any authentication for the security type. Done following to complete the steps and the ad hoc network will start. After that you can search (on another computer) for the created network and connect to it.

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On some operating systems like Windows 10, the ad hoc wireless network does not exist in the list of networks to configure. If this is the case on your computer, don't worry. Despite this you can create an ad hoc network, only you will have to follow the next step to do it through a series of commands and not through the graphical interface.

Ad hoc with Windows Command Prompt

Look for the command prompt in the Windows menu, run it as administrator (through the right click of the mouse):

Running the Command Prompt as Administrator

Once in the command prompt, enter the following commands:

netsh wlan show drivers

After entering this command, scroll down to check if your network card supports the hosted network.

Checking the support of the hosted network by the network card

If your motherboard does not support the hosted network, it will display "No" on the line framed in green. In the case of not being supported, it will be necessary to update the pilots from your network card and try again. Then enter the following commands:

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = network name key = password

My network will be called clickmeric, and the password will be 12345678 (put your own network name and mot de passe). To launch the network and start the ad hoc network, enter:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Configure and start the ad hoc network

After typing the command and hitting the enter key, you should see a message that the hosted network is starting. At this time you can then connect other computers to it. Now that your computers are interconnected, let's see how to share or transfer data between them.

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Enable item sharing

You can already share the data between two computers, but before that, there are still some details to work out. To do this, open the Control panel of the first computer. Click on Network and Internet, then on Network and Sharing Center. In the left center of the window in front of you, click "Change advanced sharing settings ».

Changing advanced sharing settings

This will take you directly into the advanced sharing settings to change the sharing options. Then adjust the following settings:

In the drop-down menus Private et Guest or Public :

  • Enable network discovery.
  • Enable file and printer sharing.

In the drop-down menu All networks :

  • Turn off password protected sharing, if you do not want access to the items you will have to share to be conditioned by a mot de passe. You can leave this option enabled if you want to secure shared items. Remember to save the changes.

Then open the Control Panel of the second computer, also do the same and save the changes.

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Interconnect two computers: Share folders and files

After successfully interconnecting two computers, let's see how to share the items between them.

Suppose the item you want to share is a folder (on any of your computers). Go to its directory and point to it by clicking on the right mouse button. Then look for the option " Share with "Then" Specific people ».

Sharing a Folder

You can also access the share menu by clicking on the folder with the right mouse button, and selecting " properties At the bottom of the context menu. Once in the folder properties, go to the " partage »And click on the button« share ":

Folder sharing settings

As shown in the image above. Once in the sharing menu, select which user (s) will be able to have access to the folder and in which measures (Read only, or read and writes).

Adding a new user for sharing

On the drop-down box, select " Everybody »And click on« Add », Then on« Share ". At this point, a window will notify you that you want to enable network discovery and file sharing for all public networks. Accept to activate and complete the operation.

View shared items

To view the recently shared folder, go to the second computer and open File Explorer. In there, click on " Network At the bottom left of the window to see the computers that share data with you on a network.

Discover network devices

On the window to the right of the image below, you can see the recently shared "Apk" folder on the first computer:

Discovery and access to shared items

How to interconnect two computers by Ethernet cable?

The second method to see how to interconnect two computers and share data, is the one using the Ethernet protocol. So we will use a twisted pair network cable to create a local network between two computers.

The condition for achieving this?

If you want to connect several computers, you will need intermediate equipment, in this case a switch. In our case, since there are only two computers, the only condition will be to have a crossed network cable with RJ 45 connectors at the end.

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Why rather a crossover cable ? Quite simply because we want to interconnect two computers, it is two equipment of the same type. You can purchase a cable, connectors, and do the crimping exercise, or purchase a ready-to-use one from a computer store of your choice.

How to proceed ?

In a few steps you will create your local network and start sharing. The very first step you already know: plug the cable into both computers. And since it's done, go to the first computer, open Control Panel, Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center.

Local network configuration

You will notice the presence of your cable network, with me it is " Ethernet ". Click on it and in the window that will be presented to you, click on " Manufacturing  To go to the configurations. You will then have:

Configuring the IP address of the first computer

This image illustrates two successive steps. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), and click once again on " properties ". In the protocol configuration, use a fixed IP address like: The subnet mask will be put on automatically. Do OK, and close all previous windows.

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You have completed the setup on the first computer. Then go to the second computer, open the Control Panel. Go to Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center and repeat the maneuver, but there is a very important difference here. Look :

Configure the IP address of the second computer

In the configuration of the IPv4 address (second computer), we put the following IP address:, the subnet mask remains the same. Do OK and close all previous windows. If you don't know why the address changes, it's because two devices on the same network can never use the same IP address. Otherwise there would be a collision and the network would remain frozen. This is a mistake not to make if you are hoping to interconnect two or more computers.

All is done ? If so, uh well then you can share the data between the two affected computers.

What about sharing?

As for the sharing of elements, the procedure remains the same as for the wireless network. If you forgot how to share something, I'll ask you to pity yourself by going back to the beginning of the article (Enable item sharing).

Using any of these methods, you can also share access to Internet. That is, if your computers are connected and one is connected to the internet, you can allow other computers to use the same connection to in turn access the internet.

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Have you successfully interconnected two computers using one of these methods or another? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share the article if you liked it.

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