Switch from GBWhatsApp to Official WhatsApp without losing data

Switch from GBWhatsApp to Official WhatsApp

Given the features it offers, GBWhatsApp is one of best modded version of whatsapp. However, for WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp officially remains an unsupported version. Would you like to switch from GBWhatsApp toofficial whatsapp application ?

You will find out how to do it, and it's simple. You will be able to easily switch from GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp or vice versa, i.e. from official WhatsApp app to GBWhatsApp or another modified version, without losing your chats.

How to switch from GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp on Android?

Before switching from one version of WhatsApp to another, GBWhatsApp → Official WhatsApp, make sure to take a local backup of your chats. It can be done in a few simple steps.

To perform the backup, launch GBWhatsApp and go to Settings → Chats → Backup chats (Bottom of the screen) → SAVE. Start backing up your chat history and wait for the progress to reach 100%.

Backup WhatsApp Chat History

Once the backup is done, go to your file manager (or storage management) to rename the application folder as well as some of its subfolders. GBWhatsApp being an unofficial version, WhatsApp does not guarantee successful chat transfer.

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To switch from GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp, find the folder named “ GBWhatsApp "And rename it to" WhatsApp ».

Rename Folder GBWhatsApp-WhatsApp

Once renamed folder, open it to do the same with some of its subfolders. In the main folder, open the subfolder " Media » inside which you will find other subfolders. Rename them all by deleting GB of their names.

Rename WhatsApp subfolders

Make the name of each of these subfolders start with WhatsApp and more GBWhatsApp. That of audio files, images, videos, documents, etc. Rename them all by removing the " GB to have, for example, WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Images, etc.

After renaming the affected folders, you can then switch from GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp by downloading it to your device. Install WhatsApp from Play Store or through its APK package and proceed to setting up your phone number.

# Officially download WhatsApp HERE.

During setup, WhatsApp will tell you that there is a backup found and offer to restore it. Press on " Restore and follow the steps. After the restoration you will find all your chats as well as the media files sent and received.

How to switch from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp without losing data?

Switching from the official WhatsApp application to GBWhatsApp is also possible, and no more complicated than the reverse procedure. Follow the same process to switch from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp. You will rename the application folders by adding the prefix " GB ».

Start by backing up your chat history, following the steps described in the previous point of the article. Next :

  • Go to File Manager (Storage) to rename the folder WhatsApp in " GBWhatsApp ". All you have to do is add the prefix GB, in capitals and without spaces, in front WhatsApp.
  • In the renamed folder, open the subfolder " Mediaand rename the folders contained therein. WhatsApp Audio becomes “ GBWhatsApp Audio ", etc. add GB in front of the name of each of the sub-folders contained in Media.

Switch from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp

Download and install GBWhatsApp on your smartphone. Configure your phone number. You will be offered a backup during GBWhatsApp setup. Accept its restore and wait for the app to launch with all your chats.

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