Download CCleaner Professional 2022 Free for PC, Mac and Smartphone

Download CCleaner Professional free for PC, Mac and smartphone

Have you been using your PC or Mac for a while and you notice that your device is getting slower? Crashes, slowness in accessing files, using web browsers etc. You will be able to download CCleaner Professional free to do away with all these problems.

As you probably already know, and as part of the name suggests, CCleaner is a free utility for cleaning and optimizing computer performance. It detects and removes unnecessary files and temporary files from applications. It cleans the registry, removes or gives other priority to applications that slow down your operating system.

Download CCleaner Professional Free: Software Features

Apart from these few features mentioned above, CCleaner is also involved in the protection of your privacy also erasing the traces of Web surfing (cookies and browsing history) and access to files on your computer. It exists under the versions Windows, MacOS and under the mobile versions for smartphones.

Download CCleaner for Android et for iPhone or iPad.

Here are some of the features of CCleaner:

  • For web browsers: it allows you to delete saved passwords, temporary internet files and browsing history. It also deletes autofill history, cookies, browsing caches, etc.
  • For operating system, file system and applications : It allows you to delete junk files, system logs and autofill history for local searches. It also deletes the list of memorized and recently viewed items, temporary files and the contents of the recycle bin. CCleaner also detects and removes duplicates, optimizes disk space by removing unnecessary restore points.

Still with regard to the other features of CCleaner, it allows you to manage the applications that run automatically after the system starts. It cleans and monitors the system in real time, removes sensitive files from several system apps and third-party apps.

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Download CCleaner Professional Free

Here are the steps to download CCleaner Professional free and install the software:

Installation of CCleaner Professional

After installation, that will be almost all, your utility will be ready for use. If you later want to activate CCleaner to enjoy all of its features, then you can purchase the license.

If you've never used CCleaner before, then let's take a look at how to set it up for first use. Its configuration is not complex, since after installation, the software already launches certain cleaning operations.

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Configure and use CCleaner

After downloading CCleaner Professional, after installing and launching it, here is how to configure it for a first use.

There is still good news about this. In fact, by installing the software, CCleaner Professional allows to configure an automatic cleaning. The operation is done by going to Options, Smart cleaning. This saves you the trouble of always setting cleaning and optimization options.

Smart cleaning in CCleaner Professional

To perform a manual configuration, several menus are available: Personalized cleaning, Register, Tools, there is also Options. Start with the Health Check menu. Switch between the System and Applications, tick all the boxes for which cleaning is necessary and proceed with the cleaning operation.

Custom cleaning in CCleaner Professional

Leave the default settings in Registre, or adjust them if necessary. Then go to menu Tools and adjust the settings according to your preferences.

CCleaner is a very rich tool, as you can see. It offers multiple features that you can now use according to your needs and preferences. Enjoy it.

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