Find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook, Messenger and Lite

Find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

If you can't reach one of your Facebook contacts and can't find them in your friends list, you may have been blocked. The tips you will learn in this article will help you know if someone has blocked you on Facebook.

When you are blocked by a Facebook contact, he/she will disappear from your friends list and you will no longer be able to add him/her. It will therefore be impossible for you to involve him in your future actions on Facebook; conversation, identification, publications, group invitations, events, etc.

Find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

As with the rejection of an invitation, Facebook does not notify in case of blocking. You won't know anything if someone has blocked you. Until the day when you yourself decide to search to see more clearly.

You will need to gather several clues to be sure that you have been blocked by a Facebook contact. Otherwise you risk thinking about blocking while the Facebook account of the person concerned is simply no longer active. She may have disabled or deleted it.

To know if someone blocked you on Facebook, you will have to check if you have access to their profile and if you can send them a message. If these two actions are impossible for you, then chances are that you are already blocked.

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Search for the person's name

On your computer or smartphone, open one of your web browsers and log in to your Facebook account. In the search box, enter the name of the relevant contact and see if it will be displayed to you in the results.

Search on Facebook Web Mobile

If the person is not displayed to you and you have the following message on your screen “ We did not find any results "Or Sorry, we couldn't find anything in people for « Name of the person then you may be blocked.

Search Facebook Web PC

This is the first clue but may not be enough to confirm that someone has blocked you on Facebook. A trick to be sure quickly is to create another Facebook account just for the experience. An account with bogus information, which you will abandon right after.

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Through this account, search for the person. If it is displayed to you in the results, then it is certain, the person has blocked you. You can also give his name to your relatives so that they try to search through their Facebook accounts.

If anyone can search and find a certain person's profile but you can't, then you're already blocked by that person.

Send a message to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Open your conversation with the person concerned. On a mobile web browser, you will notice that nowhere Facebook offers to send a new message. The same on computer, but with the following message below “ This person is not available on Messenger »

Find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Never texted each other before? To find out if someone blocked you on Facebook without you having a conversation, look for posts they tagged on or commented on and try viewing their profile.

View profile to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

From a Facebook conversation, it is possible to display the contact's profile by clicking on their name or the icon of their photo. If, in addition to not being able to write to him, you cannot view his profile, it is a sign that you are blocked by this person.

On a smartphone, when you tap on the person's name (above the conversation), their photo icon is displayed. By touching it, Facebook normally displays the profile of the person. If, by touching it, nothing happens then it is very likely that you are blocked.

On computer, from the conversation, you will no longer have the famous " View Profile by clicking on the person's name (above the conversation). And if you try to view their profile, you'll get an error message saying the page is not available.

Error displaying the profile of a Facebook contact

These are the clues that will let you know if someone has blocked you on Facebook. Other Facebook users can search and find the person, but you cannot. You can't write him a message or view his profile from your old conversation.

Know if you are blocked on Facebook Messenger and on Facebook Lite

To find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger, open the app, and tap on your conversation with that person. On Messenger and Facebook Lite you also won't see an input box to compose a new message.

On Messenger, you will even be told that " You cannot reply to this conversation ».

Can't message someone who has blocked you

From Facebook Messenger, see if you can view their profile. Tap on the small icon (i) above right of the screen and then on his photo or on " Profile ". Normally his profile should be displayed to you, otherwise you can say that you have already been blocked.

How do you contact someone who has blocked you on Facebook?

If you want to get in touch on Facebook with someone who has blocked you, the solution would be to create another Facebook account and try to contact him/her again. On this other account, you can use another identity, but using the real one would be better.

If you want to apologize or don't know why the person blocked you and don't blame yourself, send them a friend request and, without waiting for it to be accepted, leave them a message. Be careful though, someone might take this for harassment.

In your message, tell him/her that it is you and explain to him/her that you are not doing this to harass him/her but to find out why he/she blocked you. Avoid any form of ambiguity and any statement that could, in the event of a complaint, make you guilty of harassment on the internet.

Afterwards, be ready to accept any decision of the contacted person. She can decide not to reply to you or block you again. In this case, the best thing to do would be to drop Facebook and try to establish contact with the person in question through another channel.

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