FIFA 22 APK: Download FIFA 22 APK Free, FIFA Football for Android

FIFA 22 APK Free Download

FIFA Football is a soccer video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA Sports). It is one of the most popular games, next to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). On this page, find the link to download FIFA 22 APK, which you can install on your android device.

FIFA Football for Android

This edition of FIFA offers many new features. For example, you will have the opportunity to build a team including some of the biggest names in football such as Pelé, Maradona, etc. and can also create a team containing players from different professional football teams.

FIFA 21 for Mobile

You can also:

  • Play with your favorite team in the new League Dating mode.
  • Create your in-game friends list and play 11v11 matches in real time.
  • And many more functions

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Download FIFA 22 APK for Android

Application FIFA Mobile
Category Jeu Magazine
Language Multilingual
Android version 6.0 or later
Size 126 MB
version 16.0.01

Download FIFA Mobile APK

Download the FIFA 22 APK file and start installing it. You can also download the app and install or update it directly from the Play Store (some countries are not eligible). Download FIFA Mobile for Android in the Play Store.

How to play FIFA 22 on Android phone?

After installing the APK package, launch FIFA. The application requires internet connection to load and download its data. It might ask you to adjust some display-related settings. Once launched, accept the terms of use and continue with the configurations (set your age, etc.).

FIFA 21 coins

You will start the game but go through a few practice drills before playing an 11v11 match. Each successful practice will earn you points and send you to the next drill. You will practice shooting, dribbling, passing and defense to finally start a match.

Launch of the match

Download FIFA 22 APK: The app will guide you through training sessions. Once completed, you will start and play your first match.

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