Face to Face Tinder: How to make a video call with Tinder?

Face to Face Tinder How to make a video call with Tinder

In recent months, the very popular dating app, Tinder, has engaged in video chat. Already possible for users of dating apps Bumble et Once, it is now possible to spend a video call with Tinder.

The functionality of video chat of Tinder called " Face to Face ”, Aims to bring users even closer. Thus, two mutually interested people (matches) will be able to call and keep by video. However, functionality is not mandatory.

It can only be used once activated in both people. As we know: to video chat with a person, you need to be confident and feel comfortable enough to do so. The functionality can be deactivated at any time. You can even send a report to tinder in the event of abuse or for feedback.

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How to make a video call with Tinder?

To use the Face to Face feature and make a video call with Tinder, you must be a user. If you're already using Tinder, that's fine. Otherwise, follow these steps to download Tinder, create an account and start using the application.

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In addition, you have to please each other with someone. That is to say to have obtained a match with him / her. Here are the steps to follow to make a video call with Tinder:

Step 1 : Launch Tinder. Through the list of your matches, select a person among those with whom you have already matched.

Step 2 : Touching the profile of the person you want to video call, tap the camera icon. This is the icon for the Face to Face feature.

Step 3 : To make the feature finally available to you and your friend, ask them to do the same. Once this is done then you will be able to exploit the functionality. Mutual consent is therefore emphasized.

Step 4 : After activating Face to Face, you will be asked to accept the terms of use. And finally, you will be able to start the video chat.

According to Tinder, no calls are archived or recorded, which does not preclude exercising discretion when using the feature. In addition to contribute to moderation, you will have the possibility to report abuse or any inappropriate behavior.

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