Download Zoom Meetings 2022 for Android (& APK), Windows, iOS and Mac

Download Zoom Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a multi-platform tool for organizing videoconferencing meetings. Very popular with businesses, Zoom can also be used by individuals. On computer or smartphone, you can download Zoom Meetings, install it on your device and start or join meetings.

The Zoom service is even accessible without installing its application, that is to say by using a web browser. However, installing the app allows easier access. You can download Zoom Meetings on Android, iPhone or iPad, on Windows macOS or Linux.

Features of Zoom Cloud Meetings 2022

Zoom offers many features. It allows you to react - through messages - during meetings, invite new people, share files with other participants, share your screen, schedule meetings, etc. Zoom also allows recording of meetings in MP4 format.

Start a meeting on Zoom Meetings

Zoom offers a number of paid plans (Pro, Business, Enterprise), but for many users the free offer is sufficient. You can organize meetings and invite up to 100 people, free of charge, but meeting times are limited to 40 minutes (from 3 participants).

To join a meeting, you do not need to create an account. However, to schedule or launch a meeting you must have a user account. Next to Zoom, there are many other videoconferencing solutions available.

Download Zoom Meetings for Android (with APK) and iPhone or iPad

On Android smartphone, you can download and install Zoom directly from Play Store.

Zoom Play Store

You can also download its APK file locally to install it directly or later. If you are using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), download and install Zoom Cloud Meetings directly from the App Store.

Zoom iOS, App Store

Download Zoom Meetings for Windows PC, macOS and Linux

On Windows, macOS, or Linux, download and install the Zoom client. Download the executable file for Windows | Download for macOS | Download for Linux. For Linux, choose your distro and start the download. Install Zoom and join or start your first meeting.

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