Download YouTube videos without downloading software

Download YouTube videos without software on smartphone and computer

You are used to using an extension, a mobile application or a software version computer to take videos on Youtube ? Today you can do without it and download YouTube videos without software and that very simply. Whether on Android,iOS, Windows or macOS, the procedure remains unchanged, no need for software.

The method I am going to introduce to you is to use a web browser available on your device. Whatever your web browser (Opera, Chrome, Firefox or Edge), you will be able to download videos without using any downloading software.

Download Brave Browser

Moreover, this is not limited to YouTube content. You can also download from some other platforms (Dailymotion, etc.) and even audio files.

Which website to download YouTube videos without software?

There are many websites for this trick, but in this article we are going to find out only about them. It is Videovor et Savefrom, two of the most used.

Download YouTube videos without software

Start by access youtube by opening a browser of your choice. Find the video you want to download. Then point to the video by clicking with the right mouse button (On a computer), or by making a long press with your finger on the video (on a smartphone).

Copy video URL to YouTube

Copy the video link by clicking on " Copy video url », And go to the next step.

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Download YouTube videos with Savefrom

This is one of the websites that many use to download YouTube videos without software. After copying the video link, then open Savefrom from this link. Paste the URL of the video you recently copied and Savefrom will start processing without you having time to press Download.

Generating the Savefrom download link

All you have to do is select the format of your choice and start the download. On smartphone or computer, the procedure remains unchanged.

Download YouTube videos with Videovor

After copying the video link, then open Videovor from this link. To download the YouTube videos without software using Videovor, paste the URL of the video you recently copied and click Start.

Video link processing in Videovor

Wait for the site to process your URL to present you with different formats from which you will choose, to then generate the download link.

Choice of download format


Choose according to your preference, then click on " Generate download link ».

Generating the Videovor download link

All you have to do is click on your link to start the download. If the link does not start the download, which is rare, go to the bottom of the page and click " Relief links To force the download. I remind you that here too, the procedure remains the same on a computer as on a cell phone.

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Enjoy your content now without having to go online and share the article with others.

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