Download PC Health Check for Windows 11

Download PC Health Check for Windows

PC Health Check is a utility provided by Microsoft, with the help of which you can check if your computer is eligible for Windows 11. It allows you to check the "health" of your computer, by providing information on RAM, storage and many other details.

The tool is more used by those and those wishing to know if their devices can support the new operating system from Microsoft. Windows 11 (ISO). Verification is one click and the tool tells you whether your device can receive Windows 11 or not.

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Download PC Health Check for Windows

Users of certain versions of Windows 10 benefit from the tool on their systems. For example, it is provided in Windows 5005463 update KB10. If you do not have it on your system, use the link below to download PC Health Check to your PC.

Download PC Health Check

PC Health Check provides information on the compatibility of the PC with Windows 11 through a one-click check. It provides information on the required storage space or RAM. It also informs whether Windows is connected or not to OneDrive for backups and synchronizations.

PC Health Check even provides some information about the battery status, but not that. It provides information on the start-up time of the computer, by offering to analyze the applications that are launched at the start of the system, to detect those likely to slow down Windows startup.

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