Download OGWhatsApp Android APK 2022 Free (New Version)

Download OGWhatsApp APK 2021 Anti-Ban

GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp ou fmwhatsapp, there are a multitude of modified applications, developed on the model of WhatsApp. Like those just quoted, OGWhatsApp offers a set of features that do not exist in Official whatsapp. Check out some of its features, as well as how to download OGWhatsApp APK.

OGWhatsApp APK 2022 Anti-Ban

If you are fluent in WhatsApp, you will notice that OGWhatsApp has all the classic features of the official app. In addition to that, OGWhatsApp offers loads of other features, such as the ability to write much longer statuses.

Just like GBWhatsApp ou YoWhatsApp, the OGWhatsApp application has the Anti-Ban feature. This feature allows you to use any WhatsApp account without being banned. This will give you the freedom to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Not being downloadable in Play Store either, to use OGWhatsApp you need to get its installation package. It can be found on several sites. Further down we offer you the link to use to download OGWhatsApp APK.

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Download OGWhatsApp APK, Update OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp offers several features of WhatsApp account management, conversations and appearance. The application is customizable through the use of new themes, the change of text fonts, etc. OGWhatsApp also allows you to:

  • Secure discussions without having to use a third-party security application.
  • Hide notifications.
  • Send larger sized media files.
  • Prevent your contacts from seeing when you are online, know when any of them are online.
  • Send images without them being compressed. This has the effect of preserving the quality of the images upon reception.
  • And many more functions

Download APK Now

How to install OGWhatsApp APK after download?

Use the link provided above to download OGWhatsApp APK. If you are not yet using the application, open the package (Apk), proceed with the installation and simply configure your phone number there.

If, on the other hand, you are already using OGWhatsApp, do not uninstall the previous version. Simply install the new one, so you will have updated without losing any data, conversations or application settings.

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