Download Google Authenticator for Android (+ APK) and iPhone or iPad

Download Google Authenticator for Android and iPhone or iPad

Google Authenticator one is a so called 2FA or two factor app, available on Android and iOS. 2 (Two) FA (Factor Authentication). It allows two-step validation on many sites and online services. Download Google Authenticator on your Android or iOS device.

The application generates one-time passwords, comprising 6 digits, which regenerate every 30 seconds or so. Developed by Google, it calculates the temporary code provided to the user from a key specific to the latter. 2FA verification provides double protection for each of your online activities using it.

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Download Google Authenticator for Android (+ APK) and iOS

For Android users, go to Play Store to download and install Google Authenticator. When you connect, you will be asked for your identifiers. Different services that require 2FA authentication provide QR Codes to be scanned for the generation of 6-digit codes.

Download Google Authenticator Play Store

Download the APK of Google Authenticator. On iOS (iPhone or iPad), go to the App Store to download Google Authenticator. On Android or iOS, the app works pretty much the same. You will need to have your smartphone with you for any connection to a site requiring 2FA verification.

Download Google Authenticator App Store

Google is now one of those services that require two-factor authentication. You can easily install and configure Google Authenticator for two-step verification on your Gmail account. Without this double authentication, no one will be able to go through the step of connecting to your account. Even with your real password.

Google Authenticator is easy to use and generates codes even when your smartphone is offline. Just like your Gmail account, it has a dark mode, for those who like the Dark display. There are other 2FA apps like Twilio authy.

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