Download Free Antivirus 2022 for Windows and macOS or Linux

Download Free Antivirus for Windows and macOS

Today, attacks and threats are part of everyday life in the IT world, especially when it comes to surf the Internet. Some operating systems like Windows integrate their protection tools against viruses and threats (Windows Defender).

However, these integrated protection tools remain insufficient in the face of possible attacks. This is precisely where the need to use an antivirus arises to acquire additional, total and effective protection. Then find out how to get free antivirus for Windows and macOS.

Free antivirus for Windows and macOS or Linux

There are several antivirus software on the market, some of which you probably already know the names. Among them there are free and paid ones. Even if the question of effectiveness arises for those being free.

In most cases, free antiviruses are considered marketing tools for their paid versions. This means that the same tools exist in free and paid versions, with a plus of course.

Even though the free versions already offer good enough protection, the goal of publishers is to get users to acquire the paid versions. This remains the only way to benefit from the additional protection features. Fortunately, the free versions do the trick very well.

The best free antiviruses for Windows and macOS or Linux

We then offer you the selection of the best free antiviruses for Windows and macOS but also on Linux. Since the editors take care to develop the versions for the main operating systems on the market.

Avast Security Free

One of the most used, Avast Security is easy to install and use antivirus. It offers effective security and intervenes in several uses. In the free version, it already allows you to use your computer without being worried by securing the user's activities from several angles such as:

  • Analysis of files and programs, censoring those it considers suspicious, malicious and harmful to the proper functioning of the computer.
  • Blocking spy activity while surfing the internet
  • And many more functions

Protection by Avast Security

Using Avast is very easy. Immediately after installing the software, the software launches a quick automatic scan. Afterwards, you can configure the software for more personalized analyzes.

During use, you will have the choice of continuing to use the free version or purchasing the premium version. The latter offers additional features such as Webcam Agent (secures the webcam), the firewall, the tools Sandbox et SecureLine VPN, etc.

Avast features

Download Avast Security for Windows | macOS | Android | ios.

Kaspersky Security

Another best free antivirus for Windows and macOS is Kaspersky Security. At first, it only existed in the paid version. Now in a free version, it offers effective protection while remaining easy to use.

It is lightweight in operation, and protects devices against all kinds of threats from files, the internet, or malicious applications.

Kaspersky Antivirus

In the paid version, Kaspersky Security offers a range of additional features. Among them, the password management, securing online purchases, extending the VPN connection. It also offers the anti-tracking tool preventing third-party sites and social networks such as Facebook and others to collect user data while accessing the internet, etc.

Download Kaspersky Security for Computer | Android | iOS.

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Avira Antivirus

Very economical in resources, Avira Antivirus is a comprehensive security tool and one of the market giants. By installing it, it offers the possibility of performing a quick scan, scanning disks, files, programs or folders.

Avira Antivirus offers several online and real-time protection tools such as the one ensuring the reliability of the network used. It prevents the user from accessing potentially dangerous sites and secures their internet activities against spyware, etc.

Avira Free Antivirus

A very good free antivirus for Windows and macOS, Avira Security offers (like several others) an update management tool. It facilitates access to the latest versions of applications and drives used. In the paid version, the software offers the possibility of browse the internet anonymously, with the Free tool phantom vpn exceeding the 500MB limit.

Features of Avira Security

Download Avira Antivirus for Windows | MacOS | Android | iOS.

Other free antivirus for Windows and macOS or Linux

Among other free antiviruses for Windows and macOS, there is also AVG Internet Security et Panda Antivirus. AVG Antivirus is a property of Avast, acquired in 2016. It offers a high level of protection, just like Avast Security.

It is more Internet security oriented. Fast to run and easy to use, it protects against threats from suspicious activity, and malicious elements of all kinds.

Panda Antivirus also offers several basic functions already available from other antiviruses. It is the analysis of files, protection against malware, the use of a VPN, but includes others that are not present elsewhere.

It allows for example through the tool Rescue kit, to create a USB key to reset the computer in the event of an infection. Allows you to track running tasks and programs to identify potentially dangerous ones. In the paid version, Panda Security offers several additional features such as password management, an extended VPN, etc.

The tools presented in this article are not the only free antiviruses for Windows and macOS or Linux available on the market. There are others that you can discover, but these are surely the best. Please especially protect your privacy by securing your personal data and your online activities.

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