How to create a system restore point on Windows 10, 8 and Win 7?

How to create a system restore point on Windows 10, 8 and Win 7?

In order to prevent possible malfunctions, Windows allows you to create and save one or more restore points. This should tell you something, if your system has ever crashed. Find out what a system restore point on Windows is, why, and how to create one.

What is a Windows restore point?

A Windows restore point is a file created and stored by the operating system, and which includes its configurations at a specific time. To put it simply, it is a file which, in the event of a Windows problem, allows it to be restored to the state where it was still working properly.

That is, if you now create a system restore point on Windows, you will give it a name and it will be saved with the date and time you saved it. Suppose it is 12:30 p.m. on a certain date X and you have just created a restore point.

If tomorrow you try something on your computer (install a program, a pilot, etc.) and it crashes, malfunctions or just stop working, you can then start Windows restore from the previously created restore point.

By launching the restoration, you will be offered to restore your computer to the state it was in on date X at 12:30 p.m. This is therefore a point from which you can restore your operating system should something ever go wrong on your computer.

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When to create a system restore point on Windows?

You can do this at any time, and can create more than one. This is what I recommend to you. Especially since, as you know, a computer can crash anytime. It is especially vulnerable when it comes to installing new programs, drivers or Themes (I insist on this point).

An unsupported or poorly supported program, driver, or theme can cause Windows startup problems. Installing themes on Windows is known to be one of the operations that causes startup issues. A virus infection is also not excluded.

So create a new system restore point on Windows whenever you want to try something that you think could have a relatively large impact on the way your operating system works.

This will allow you, in the event of a malfunction, to restore your computer to good condition.

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How then to create a system restore point on Windows 10, Win 7 and 8?

As I pointed out, you can create multiple restore points on your operating system. This would give you more leeway should you ever need to restore Windows. Proceed as follows to create a system restore point on Windows:

Step 1 : See you in the Control panel. In the search box (top right), type " Food ". You will be presented with a list of results, sorted by categories.

Search in Windows Control Panel

Among the results, select " Create a restore point ". You can even keep it simple, that is, go to the start menu level and search for " Restoration point ". Windows will suggest it to you.

Search in the Start menu, tool for creating the restore point

Step 2 : Open the feature. In the window that will open, point the cursor on the system disk (Room C) to see if the system protection is enabled or not. If it is activated, click directly on " Create To start the creation of the restore point.

Step 3 : Otherwise, if all your disks display " disabled », Then click on the local disk C, your system disk, then on " configurator ". Check " Activate system protection ". Done OK and come back to launch the creation of the restore point by clicking on " Create ».

Enable system protection to create a system restore point on Windows

You can still see it in the capture below:

Windows restore point creation

Step 4 : Name your restore point, then launch and wait for the creation to end. It shouldn't take long. At the end, close the window by clicking on OK. There you have just created a system restore point on Windows. It could help you one day in restoring your system.

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Where are Windows restore points stored?

Many wonder where backup restore points are saved on Windows. These are stored in the " System volume information From the root of your system. That is to say in the disc room C. This is a hidden and protected folder. So don't go looking for it.

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