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If you dream of taking control of your computer from your smartphone or vice versa, here is an article that will help you achieve it. Controlling a computer remotely with a mobile phone or controlling your phone through your PC or Mac is a very interesting and easy manipulation to try.

Several applications are now available to facilitate this manipulation. These applications are easy to use and allow you to control your computer with a phone without moving from your chair. They require the installation of the mobile version (on your phone) and the executable version (or server) on the computer.

In this article I present four applications that you can use to control a computer remotely with your cell phone. You can also project your smartphone screen onto the computer.

What applications to control a computer remotely with a phone?

PC Remote Receiver

An easy to use application with a very classy look. PC Remote Receiver offers a lot of features, which you will surely discover while using it.

It offers a real Souris allowing you to open windows on your computer. It allows you to shut down the computer, restart it or even verrouiller from your smartphone. Don't wonder if you can also turn on your computer from 😓.

Connecting the PC Remote Receiver application to the computer

The application allows you to control a computer remotely with a phone very simply. With a multimedia panel that allows you to manage music playback, a cinema by reducing or increasing the volume of the computer and all almost without latency.

My favorite tool in this application is of course its utility toolbox (Utility Tools). It allows you to duplicate the screen of the computer on that of the smartphone or to project that of the smartphone on the computer. You can use your computer on the phone, or the phone on the computer.

Toolbox and disk management in PC Remote Receiver

Also in this toolbox, you can manage your computer's disks. You can there delete files, manage the tasks running on your computer.

These tools also allow you to activate the computer's microphone or webcam (the image is displayed on the phone screen).

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How to use Pc Remote Receiver?

No special configuration to do. To be able to take advantage of this application, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download and install the computer version of PC Remote Receiver.
  • Download and install the mobile version for Android | iPhone.
  • Connect your computer and phone to the same Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth (even when creating a Wi-Fi access point on your phone).
  • Simply launch the software on your computer. Then go to the smartphone, open the application and click on " Connect ". Then choose a computer among those in the list of devices detected by the application. The images above illustrate this very well.
Windows screen displayed on mobile phone
Windows screenshot, controlled from a smartphone through PC Remote Receiver

I remind you that you can create an access point with your smartphone and connect your computer to it. It also works wonderfully. Try the app to see, it's very interesting.

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ApowerMirror to control a computer remotely with a phone

ApowerMirror is a powerful application. It makes it possible to distribute the contents of the telephone on several platforms.

It can be used on Android and iOS phones. So it is one of the interesting applications to control a computer remotely with a cell phone or to access the elements of the phone from the computer.

If you project your computer onto the phone screen, you can access local folders. In addition to being able to view documents, you can also edit or delete computer documents from your phone.

ApowerMirror Connection with PC

ApowerMirror also supports several brands and models of Android smartphones version 5.0 or later and devices running iOS.

ApowerMirror, configuration on iPhone

Here are the steps to use ApowerMirror:

  • Download and install the ApowerMirror desktop version.
  • Download and install the mobile version for Android | iPhone.
  • Connect your computer and phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the software on the computer, then the application on your phone. In the mobile app, tap the mirroring icon (bottom middle of the screen) to scan for available devices. Choose your computer and select whether you want to broadcast the phone screen or the computer screen instead.

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If after the scan your phone does not detect the computer, you can scan the QR code or enter a server software PIN code. To do this, open ApowerMirror on your computer, then click on the QR code at the top left. The PIN code will be displayed on the interface.

Connection with the PC through the Pin Code and QR Code

This is the PIN code generated by the server software, and which you will enter in your mobile application to start the Mirroring.

Lets View

Lets View Allows you to broadcast the Android and iOS screen to computer via the Wi-Fi network. The application allows you to control a computer remotely with a phone very simply by broadcasting the screens. You can display the computer screen on your phone, or vice versa. You have the choice.

Here are the steps to use LetsView:

On the phone, open the application and click on the connection icon at the top. The application will generate your code (which you will enter into the software on the computer). It will also give you the possibility to enter the PIN code present on the server software.

Starting the delivery in LetsView

To start using LetsView and controlling a computer remotely with a phone, go to the server software installed on your computer.

On a computer, you will notice that there are two panes: "Broadcast the Mobile screen et Broadcast PC screen ". Start with the part " Broadcast PC screen ».

Computer screen broadcast on mobile

The software gives you the choice to start where you want, but I suggest you start with the part Broadcast PC screen. This allows the phone to be authenticated with the server software, before you can attempt the reverse operation.

Enter the code on your phone, here it is " 2B01 And start the connection. If all goes well, and I don't see why it wouldn't be the case, you will be able to authorize the connection on your mobile. From that moment you will have control of your computer on your small smartphone screen.

So what, to control the cell phone from the computer?

Once again, you will have to maneuver everything in the server software and on your mobile phone. Open both and, on the computer, this time you will choose " Cast the mobile screen ».

Mobile screen broadcast on computer

You have the code in front of you, framed in green. Enter it in your mobile application and start the broadcast.

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Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection is another app that can be used to control computer remotely with phone, whether it is Android phone or iPhone. The app offers an option for voice control, media playback, and so many other features that you can experience by trying it out.

Remote Control Collection on Mobiles

Here are the steps to use Remote Control Collection and control a computer remotely with a phone:

IP address display by Remote Control Collection

  • Launch the application in your phone and follow the steps that will be offered to you. The last step will be to enter the local address displayed by the software installed on the computer. Connect your phone to your computer by entering this local IP address and adding a name to the server. You can also perform the automatic scan through the application.

To get started, go back to the main menu and click on " remotes To control your computer remotely.

Remote control interfaces on Mobile

These apps aren't the only ones that allow you to control a computer remotely with a phone. It also exists Unified Remote, Splashtop Personal, Remote Mouse, TeamViewer etc. Do not hesitate to test them, and to let us know your appreciation in the comments.


Warning: keep in mind that some of these software run tasks in the background. They can thus give control of the computer without their windows being visibly open and without notifying you of anything. So be careful and avoid connecting to less secure networks.

Imagine that, for one of these applications, you have the server software installed on your computer, and that you are using the same network (Wi-Fi) as an average person, using a corresponding receiving application on their mobile. This person can scan the computers available on the network, choose yours and start controlling it. Some of these software do not necessarily notify.

So avoid connecting to any Wi-Fi network. I know there are probably some that are available and unsecured in your neighborhood for example, and that tempt you. It's up to you, but my advice remains the same: vigilance.

Have you ever managed to project your mobile on the computer, or to control a computer remotely with a phone using one of these applications? Let us know in the comments and share the article if you liked it.

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