Connect an Android Smartphone to Windows 10, Pair Android to a Windows PC

Connect an Android Smartphone to Windows 10

It is now possible to connect an Android smartphone to Windows. With Windows 10, you can link your smartphone with your PC so that you can access some of its features. You can consult notifications, reply to text messages, etc.

This will allow you to instantly access certain content on your smartphone without touching it, to manage photos, make or receive calls, etc. Unfortunately, currently, only certain smartphone models allow you to take full advantage of this Windows functionality.

Link with Windows: associate an Android smartphone and a Windows PC

To connect an Android smartphone to Windows, everything will happen between your Windows PC and the application Your Phone Assistant - Link to Windows. The latter is developed and made available to Android users by Microsoft.

Assistant your phone for Android

Then start with download and install Assistant Your Phone, via Play Store, if it is not preinstalled on the device. This is the case for some models. Also install, on Windows, the latest version of the application " Your phone ". Do it from the Microsoft site.

The application “ Your phone »Is integrated in recent versions of Windows 10. It would therefore be better to update windows 10, if you are not yet using its latest version.

To install the latest app update Your phone on your Windows PC, it will need to be signed in to your Microsoft account. If not yet done, you will be prompted for this during the process.

Download Your Phone to Windows

At the end, once the two devices are paired, you will be able to view your notifications and SMS directly from your computer, make and receive calls, etc.

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How to connect an Android smartphone to Windows 10?

Here are the steps to follow to connect an Android smartphone to Windows:

Step 1 : Connect your computer and your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Your two devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, which you can do by referring to this article. The steps are detailed there.

Step 2 : On your computer, launch the application Your phone, assuming you have the latest version. Click on " Android "Then on" Continue ". Follow the instructions to get to display the QR code.

Step 3 : On your mobile, open the application Assistant Your Phone and follow the instructions as instructed by the app. Sign in to your Microsoft account with your username and password and scan the QR code.

Connect an Android smartphone to Windows

To connect an Android smartphone to Windows, you will need to grant permissions to Windows. You will therefore be asked to grant permissions on your smartphone, press " To allow To accept the link between the two devices.

Once the two are connected, go to the app Your phone (on computer). From its sidebar (left), you will have access to messages, photos as well as to the management of notifications and calls. But to make and receive calls, a headset or earphones will be needed.

In the application settings, you can define what you want to display from your smartphone on your computer. For some Samsung smartphones, the " Link with Windows Is even directly accessible from the notifications bar.

Links to Windows on Samsung smartphone

Open Android apps on Windows 10

With the latest version of the Windows application " Your phone », It is possible to use Android applications directly on your computer. But currently this is not possible with any Android device.

The latest models of Samsung smartphones allow this, especially since they are provided with the application allowing the link with Windows. With, it is possible to use your favorite mobile applications, without having to touch your phone.

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