Connect an AirTag to an iPhone, Configure an Apple AirTag easily

Connect an AirTag to an iPhone

The configuration of the Air Tag is done in a very simple way. Once you have configured it, you will be able to find and locate your items. Keys, wallet, backpack, etc. Here's how to configure it, how to connect an AirTag to an iPhone in a few simple steps.

Before setting up your AirTag

Before you can connect an AirTag to an iPhone, make sure you are in order with the details below:

  • Your iPhone will need to be running at least iOS version 14.5. In addition, two-factor identification must be activated. It guarantees better security for your Apple ID, ensuring that only you can use it.
  • Activate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Location services on your iPhone will need to be turned on.

Activate the location service. Go to Settings → Privacy → Location services and activate the feature. To use the Precise location, you need to use iPhone 11 or later and enable the feature. To activate it:

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location services and scroll down to open " Locate ". Touch on " When the app is active "Or on another authorization and activate" Exact position ».

Configure, connect an AirTag to an iPhone

If it is brand new, unpack it and activate the battery by pulling the tab. The AirTag will make a sound and your iPhone will automatically detect it. Keep it near your iPhone to continue with the setup. On your iPhone, click on " Log in ».

Rename your AirTag by selecting the type of object to which you will attach it and click " Continue ". The configuration of a personalized name is also possible, if you wish to assign it a name that does not appear in the proposed list of objects.

Then link the AirTag to your Apple ID by once again doing " Continue ". This is what will allow you to find your object, if it gets lost and you put your AirTag in Lost mode from your iPhone. Continue and finish to finally attach it to its object.

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