Chat on Facebook super fast. Check out these ultra lightweight apps.

Chat on Facebook super fast

Are you bored with slowness in loading, excessive energy consumption and data? Chat on Facebook very quickly without going through the web browser or the official Facebook application is quite possible.

Facebook is one of the most resource-intensive mobile applications. It consumes a lot of data, which does not suit some users who however would like to save their plans and not that.

Here then is a small list of applications that you can use to chat on Facebook very quickly.

Facebook Lite to chat on Facebook very quickly

The parent company (Facebook) has surely realized the cumbersome nature of its official application, suddenly the lite version was born. Facebook Lite is a very light application, which consumes less power and data Internet. On top of that, it charges very quickly.

Facebook Lite

It is extremely light, weighs only a few megabytes, and works even if the user's phone is on. Edge connection mode. In addition, it integrates instant messaging, viewing notifications and allows you to share beautiful photos, videos or a status.

Download Facebook Lite APK Android

Download the installer package and install it directly. You can also download Facebook Lite directly in Play Store for your Android smartphone.

Download Facebook Lite for iPhone

Swipe For Facebook

Lightweight and very customizable, Swipe is a good alternative for chatting on Facebook very quickly. It consumes very little internet data and offers many features such as access protection with an unlock code.

Swipe for Facebook

Download Swipe for Android

You can download APK file of Swipe directly here.

Simple and extremely light, it combines the Facebook and Messenger applications at the same time. It displays notifications at a frequency chosen by the user and allows the management of photos and videos. Swipe also offers customization options and allows you to block advertisements.

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Friendly For Facebook

Friendly allows you to enjoy Facebook and chat without having to go through the Facebook app. Its design is based on the Facebook web interface. The application allows you to: post photos and videos, share publications with friends and even configure a access code.

Friendly for Facebook

Download Friendly for Android

Download Friendly APK file directly here.

It offers the possibility of using several Facebook accounts in the same device, without having to log out. The application is highly customizable with a dark mode available and very nice in addition. It also allows you to disable advertisements (in paid version).

Download Friendly for iPhone

Friendly allows you to chat on Facebook very quickly by saving your battery life and organizing your news feed.

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Maki For Facebook

Very simple and elegant, Flour also supports Twitter. It is light and allows access to messages, the news feed thanks to its famous floating bar (also called metal bar). Maki remains a very interesting alternative for those looking to chat on Facebook very quickly without going through the official application.

Maki for Facebook

Download Maki for Android

Download the APK of Maki directly here.

It also loads very quickly and remains very customizable. Despite its elegant look, it offers several themes including one in dark mode to save your battery life. Maki also allows you to visit external links without going to a web browser.

Apart from these four apps, there are others that you can check out. Among them : Phoenix For Facebook, Simple For Facebook, SlimSocial, Swift For Facebook Lite, Tinfoil For Facebook, Faster For Facebook Lite. Do not hesitate to search for them in Google Play ou App Store to test their performance.

Stop wasting your data at an unwanted rate, or your battery for that matter. Simply surf by opting for a lightweight app to chat on Facebook super fast.

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