How to change the theme in Gmail? Personalize your Gmail box

Change the theme in Gmail, Customize your Gmail box

You can personalize your Gmail mailbox by changing the theme or background image. In the personalization settings you will find predefined themes for you to choose from. Find out how to change the theme in Gmail.

How to change the theme in Gmail?

By default, any Gmail account comes with a clear view (no theme). To change it, open your mailbox. Don't you have a Gmail account? You can create one quickly and for free. Here is how to change the theme of your Gmail account:

In your account, locate the settings access icon Settings in Gmail.

Change theme in Gmail

Click on it and, in the list of options that will be presented to you, scroll down slightly. You will see a section reserved for themes, with some images in front. Click on " Load More ". There you will have the whole list of themes with the possibility of applying the one of your choice:

Show all Gmail themes

Browse the list of images, simply click on the one of your choice to change the theme in Gmail. You can proceed in the same way to return to the initial display, or to apply another image.

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How to activate dark mode in Gmail on computer?

If you are a fan of the dark mode display, then you will also find your account in this maneuver. In the same list offered by Gmail, scroll down, you will see dark mode (all black) next to the default Gmail theme:

Enable Gmail Dark Mode

Just click on it to change the theme in Gmail and apply dark mode. Once the dark theme is applied, your Gmail inbox will drastically change its appearance. This is how your Gmail account will look:

Dark mode in Gmail

Proceed in the same way to return to the initial display, to apply another image or to deactivate the dark theme in your Gmail inbox.

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