Change Gmail (Google) Profile Picture on Android, iOS and Computer

Change Gmail profile picture

Adding a profile photo is not listed in the steps for creating a gmail account. Once the account is created, the first letter of your email address is automatically used for the profile. However, you can change the profile picture and put the one of your choice.

You will be able to select an image on your smartphone/computer and set it as your profile picture.

It will be displayed to your Gmail correspondents as well as on your account. The same profile photo will be used on your Google account and on all Google services and applications that you use, the latter being linked. These include Google Drive, Contacts, Google Play, etc.

Change Gmail Profile Picture on Android and iPhone or iPad

On your smartphone, find and open the Gmail app. The application is integrated into the Android system, no need to search far. On the other hand on iOS devices, you will have to install the Gmail application from the App Store. Download Gmail from App Store.

Open the Gmail app and tap the existing profile picture or the initial of your name (first letter of your email address). You will find it above on the right. Then press " Manage your Google account ».

Google App Gmail Account Management

To change the Gmail profile photo, tap the existing photo or the letter representing your profile. Then press " Set profile picture ". Capture a photo or browse your device to select one.

Change Gmail profile picture

Center the photo by dragging in the direction of your choice, accept and save the changes. On Android and iPhone or iPad, you can also change the Gmail profile picture by logging into your account in one of the web browsers installed on your smartphone.

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Change Gmail Profile Picture on Windows PC, macOS or Linux

On a computer, log in to your Gmail account from the web browser of your choice. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Click on the existing profile photo or the letter representing your profile. You will find it above on the right.

Find the small photo icon AppPhoto and click on it. Then click on " Add a profile picture or directly on the existing photo.

Change Gmail profile picture on computer

Ignore the illustrations that will be offered to you and switch to " From the computer to take a photo with your webcam or browse your folders to choose the image you want.

Select profile picture

Capture or select the image you want to set, crop it and rotate if needed. Finally click on " Save to change the Gmail profile picture. This photo will be visible to your Gmail correspondents as well as on all Google products you use.

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