Cancel all sent Facebook invitations; Android, iPhone, and Web

Cancel all sent Facebook invites

Whether you're a former Facebook user or not, there are probably invitations that you can't remember sending, and that still haven't been accepted. You will be able to view and cancel all unaccepted Facebook invitations.

There are several reasons for canceling a friend request, one being that it was not accepted. It is also possible that you have sent certain invitations involuntarily or even unconsciously, by handling error, without realizing it. But this is quite rare.

Know if your Facebook invitation has been refused, how?

Some people simply prefer to wait for invitations. Either because they receive it in industrial quantities, or for other reasons. It's also possible that the person in question has already deleted your invitation or that they see it and decide to ignore it.

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Facebook, as well as some other social networks, does not notify in case of refusal of request. It's less embarrassing to have no news of a request, than to receive a notification like " Henry, ou Helene refused your invitation ».

A simple trick to find out if someone has declined your request is to visit their profile. If your request is still pending, you will see a " Invitation sent " or " Cancel invite ". Otherwise, if she has already rejected it, it will be the " Add ».

See all Facebook invitations already sent (Facebook Web)

If you are on a computer, open the web browser and log in to your Facebook account. Click on " Friends ", at the upper left side of the screen, then on " Invitation cards ».

Facebook, view friends

The list of invitations sent to you will be displayed, those awaiting your confirmation. To view and cancel all Facebook invitations, the one you've already sent, click " see all invitations sent ».

View sent invitations

You can go directly to this page by typing the following link ( in your web browser. All invitations you have already sent will be displayed, from most recent to least recent. You can then delete them one by one.

Cancel all Facebook invitations

Click on " Cancel invite ". Do the same for all the others. Currently Facebook does not allow canceling all invitations with a single tap. If you realize you've already sent tons of them, undo some now, some later, depending on your time.

Cancel All Facebook Invitations on Android or iPhone

On smartphones, the Facebook interface changes, whether on a browser or on a mobile application. However, the functionalities remain the same. On smartphone, here is how to cancel all Facebook invitations sent and not yet accepted:

Cancel Facebook invitations on mobile web browser

Launch the web browser you are used to using, Chrome in my case. Log in to your Facebook account and tap on the icon showing notifications of new requests.

On the part " Invitation cards », tap on the small arrow and press « View invitations sent ". They will be displayed to you, as on a computer, from the most recent to the least recent.

Cancel mobile browser invites

Click on " Cancel invite ". Proceed in the same way for all the other invitations.

Cancel invitations on Facebook Lite

On the Facebook application or on Facebook Lite, the procedure changes a little bit compared to using the web browser. Download Facebook Lite. Launch the app and log in. Touch the icon showing notifications of new invitations.

View invites on Facebook Lite

Then tap on " View all », the invitations awaiting confirmation will be displayed to you. Look at the upper right side of the screen, tap on the more options button represented by three vertical dots.

Cancel invitations on Facebook Lite

To view and cancel all Facebook invitations, tap " View invitations sent ". They will be displayed to you, as on a computer, from the most recent to the least recent. For each of them, press " Cancel invite ».

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