Block an unknown number on iPhone | Block & unblock a contact on iPhone

Block an unknown number on iPhone | Block a contact on iPhone

Do you often receive unwanted calls, messages from unknown numbers? You can now block them to prevent them from contacting you again. In this article, learn how to block unknown number on iPhone.

You will also discover how to block a number being in your address book. Since it turns out that unknown numbers are not the only ones likely to interfere. You will then discover how to unlock it (s) at will.

How to block an unknown number on iPhone?

To block an unknown number, the latter must have contacted you at least once. Either by phone call or by SMS. Here's how to block an unknown number on iPhone, first through recent calls, then through received messages:

Block an unknown number on iPhone through the call history:

Step 1 : Go to the application " Phone On your iPhone to view the call history. In the history, find the number that made the call and that you want to block. You can delve into " All " the calls, " Recent Or in missed calls.

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Step 2 : As soon as you have located the phone number in question, press the icon to obtain more information. That is to say the small icon (I) to the right of the contact IPhone Contact Information . Then go to the bottom of the screen, press " Block this correspondent And confirm.

Block an unknown number on iPhone through received messages:

In " Messages », Open the conversation. At the top of the conversation, tap the (profile) icon representing the contact Contact profile on iPhone or that of information. The number will be displayed to you, tap on it and go to the bottom of the screen to block contact.

How to block a contact from the address book on iPhone?

You may want to block a number in your address book. The procedure is not very different from that of blocking an unknown number. Go to your address book, find and tap the contact you want to block.

As with the previous steps, go to the contact information, view the details, and proceed with the block. While blocking you will not receive any of his calls / messages and will not be able to contact him either.

For his / her part, he / she will not receive any notification indicating that his / her messages no longer reach you. You can unblock the contact later, if you wish.

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How to unblock a known or unknown number on iPhone?

You have accidentally blocked a number or you have simply changed your mind and want to unblock a number! By unblocking a number, you will be able to receive its calls and SMS again, and will also be able to contact it via these two channels. Here's how to do it:

See you in the Settings from your iPhone. Scroll down and find the option " Phone  ».

Phone options in iPhone settings

Go to the Phone option and press " Blocked contacts », You will find already blocked numbers and email addresses. To unblock a number, tap it and swipe left. Finally touch on unblock. You can, through the unblocking option, take advantage of blocking other numbers.

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