Bioresonance: Understanding the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

How can the handling of a probe, connected to a small box, itself coupled to a computer, detect dysfunctions in your body? This small "box" is what is called the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer, also says Quantum Analyzer ».

If you have ever had the opportunity to have yourself analyzed by this device, it must surely have aroused questions in you. The quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is in fact a concentrate of technologies. It collects data relating to the vibrational energy of various body systems within minutes.

Quantum analyzer and its components

The quantum analyzer picks up electromagnetic signals emitted by different cells in the body and amplifies them. The software executed by the analyzer then compares these data (signals) with the quantum resonance spectrum of several integrated indicators, in order to detect any irregularities.

These explanations may not be enough to make you understand how the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer works. Before we come back to this, let's first try to understand the vibration, the vibrational energy of the body.

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The vibratory energy of the body, the vibratory field

Our body is a collection of several cells, millions, that you probably already know. According to scientists, the cells in our body each have a vibration. They emit and can receive electromagnetic waves.

Each cell thus emits a wave having its own frequency, which creates an energy field (electromagnetic) around the cell. All together, each with its own energy field and signature, the body's cells then form what is called a " vibratory field ».

Magnetic resonance analysis

Each living organism has its own vibratory field. Traversed by currents, our body as well as our cells are therefore true emitters, receivers of electromagnetic waves. And the latter can well be analyzed by devices to check their vibratory and energetic quality.

In case of illness, the frequency of the attacked cell is disturbed. This disturbance, which the body's natural function is to eradicate, is due to an asymmetry of the cell's energy field with respect to the central axis of the body. This creates an energy imbalance within the body and weakens the immune system.

How the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer works

The role of the quantum analyzer is to capture the waves emitted by the cells, to analyze them in order to apprehend the disorders and imbalances within the organism. By analyzing the wave signatures of each cell, it indicates the state of health of the person and their vital functions, without any form of prior testing.

Its enigmatic mode of operation may frighten some. The quantum analyzer consists of a box, which receives and amplifies the signals. It also has a probe (a sensor) and software to be installed on a computer for interpreting the information.

Holding the probe in your hand, the analyzer collects data relating to the bioenergetic parameters of the whole body. The data is then processed and interpreted directly on the computer through its software delivered with the purchase.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

The scan is done quickly, painlessly, and is different from an x-ray or UV light therapy. For the accuracy of the results, they are provided in comparison with the statistical data of several clinical cases constituting the database of the analysis system.

At the end of the analysis, a report containing the status of several vital functions is displayed. Besides the diagnosis, the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer also offers advice. This in order to help prevent certain pathologies.

The accuracy rate of the results is very high. However, it can decrease depending on certain disturbing factors such as the period or pregnancy in women. The accuracy rate may also drop if the person just comes out of a workout or takes the test a few minutes after a meal, etc. It can even be influenced by certain environmental factors.

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Bioresonance therapy, what is it then?

Bioresonance is a term from quantum medicine. It is a therapy which consists in using specific devices to capture the electromagnetic waves emitted by the cells of an organism. It analyzes and identifies dysfunctions, then sends other waves back to correct the functioning within the body.

This involves restoring the frequency of a disturbed wave by sending it low intensity signals. This would strengthen the immune system, and would have the effect of eradicating the pathology, healing. You already know, we are made of transceivers.

Bioresonance intervention can be done in two ways. In the first case, an electronic system captures the body's waves, corrects them and sends them back to the body. In the second case, new waves are directly generated by the system and sent to the body. The intervention is therefore not done at the chemical level, but at the vibratory level.

After the anomaly has been detected, bioresonance devices, such as the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer, could then be used to cure the anomaly by sending it a rectified electromagnetic wave of the corresponding frequency.

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Advantage of Magnetic Resonance Analysis

Magnetic resonance analysis is known to provide a quick and accurate assessment of a person's energy functions. The technique is non-invasive, also saves time and money.

It allows the detection of energy anomalies before the onset of the disease and analyzes the main vital systems of the body. Among other things, cardiovascular and cerebral functions, pulmonary, pancreatic or renal functions, vitamins, bone growth index, allergies, obesity, etc. More than XNUMX vital body processes.

Small Quantum Analyzer

Another advantage is the relatively affordable price per session. After short training, you can learn to use a quantum magnetic resonance analyzer and get one if you can afford it.

However, magnetic resonance analysis is an unconventional method. This means that it does not replace an analysis with a doctor.

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Disadvantages and dangers of magnetic resonance analysis

We are already living surrounded by electromagnetic waves coming from everywhere. But that would not prevent us from questioning the possible dangerousness of magnetic resonance analysis. In fact, from a health point of view, the method is safe for the body.

The greatest danger of this method is its use for purely commercial purposes. Some practitioners using the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer cultivate ambiguity in the minds of their "patients". It is true that the operation of this device represents a real mystery for many, but some practitioners emphasize it.

They use it for marketing purposes and claim to diagnose all abnormalities in the body. This is already wrong, since magnetic resonance analysis has many limits, several moreover. So not possible to diagnose all diseases, even though a blood test is not performed.

If you want to perform magnetic resonance analysis, you have nothing to worry about. Especially since you will have understood the principle of operation of this method. However, do not forget that this does not replace a consultation with the doctor, an appropriate medical treatment.

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  1. Bonsoir
    Thanks for all this info.
    I have a device for personal use but I can't correlate all the results ie make an overall interpretation of my case
    There are losses especially the calcuim but I don't know why ????
    Do you have a guide? Online training ????
    thanks in advance

  2. thank you for the article. I wanted to buy one to put it in the service of a qualified nutritionist. but I first flew reassured myself that this machine was not harmful and was not a fake (that it is really useful as they claim) really thank you for enlightening me

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