The app has stopped working, Android app is unresponsive

The application has stopped working

One of the applications installed on your smartphone is not responding? It can happen overnight, and you don't know why or how to fix the problem. If your application has stopped working, then try some of the manipulations described in this article.

When an Android application is unresponsive, one or some of these manifestations may be observed; the application does not launch, it crashes during use, it stops by itself, it crashes the smartphone interface or causes the device to malfunction in some other way.

Clear cache if the app has stopped working

Purging the cache is the first action many take if an app on their device has stopped working. The cache is a memory space allocated to an application, which contains the information it uses.

These can be items last viewed, parameters set, etc. The purpose of the cache is to make the application run faster and, in general, the application takes care of purging its cache on its own.

In some cases, if corrupted, the cache data can compromise the proper functioning of the application. This can also happen after an update that is incompatible with the old data in the cache. In this case it will have to be emptied manually. This article describes how to clear the cache of an android application.

Force stop the unresponsive application

By forcing an application to stop, you close all of its background processes and services. Among them there may be one, or more, which poorly accesses the resources of the device and which causes the malfunction of the application.

To force the stop of the unresponsive application, go to Settings → Applications ou Apps → Manage apps. There you will find the system applications as well as all the others. Touch on the relevant application. On some mobiles, before reaching the " Applications ", The passage through the menu" Warehousing May be necessary.

Access to application management may vary from phone to phone, or depending on the version of Android you are running.

The application has stopped working, drill shutdown

To access it more quickly, from your smartphone screen, make a long press on the icon of the application concerned. Touch on " Application Info "Then on" Force stop ". Confirm to stop it, and return to relaunch the app.

Check for, install application updates

The malfunction of an application can also be caused by an error in the design of the application, a bug feature for example. This is why application editors offer updates, in order to correct flaws as soon as they are detected.

It is also not impossible that after installing an update your application has stopped working. In this case, one of the solutions would be to downgrade, to go back to the previous version. This article describes how to update android apps with play store.

The best solution to update an Android app is to do so via Play Store. This will allow you to install the most suitable version for your device, and without the risk of having to deal with a tampered with application, likely to harm you.

Install updates for your Android OS

It could also be because your Android system is not up to date that your app has stopped working. Obsolescence of a version of the Android system can cause one or more of your applications to stop working or to do so poorly. To perform an Android update:

  • Open the application Parameters from your phone.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap System → Advanced settings → System update. Depending on your phone, you may need to press " About the phone "Above in the Settings, then on" Changing the software update ».

If an update is available, you will be offered to download it. You can then follow the instructions.

Restart the device, force restart if necessary

Try restarting your smartphone if, despite all the operations already attempted, your application still does not respond. What if the smartphone does not respond to any action (the screen crashes) to access the restart options?

This is where the forced restart comes in. It allows you to turn the smartphone off and on again even when the touchscreen is unresponsive. On most phones, press the button Power (On Off) until the phone restarts. Then release it.

Clear data or uninstall / reinstall the app

If despite everything your application does not respond, erase its data and restart its use from scratch. For most applications this is equivalent to uninstalling / reinstalling. Especially if it's an app you won't be able to find.

Please note: : You will be able to erase the data of any application, but will not be able to uninstall any application. System applications, which are preinstalled on the device, cannot be uninstalled. Except in case of root access.

Another thing, by deleting the app's data or uninstalling it, you will lose all the data saved in it. Proceed as follows to uninstall an application on Android:

See you in Settings → Applications ou Apps → Manage apps. Tap on the relevant application and proceed to uninstall it. You can also, from the screen of your smartphone, make a long press on the icon of the application concerned.

On some versions of Android, you will be shown an uninstall icon. On others, after a long press on the application icon, tap on " Application Info "Then on" uninstall ". Try to find and reinstall the app to see.

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