Activate the fingerprint on Windows 10, Configure the fingerprint on Windows PC

Enable fingerprint on Windows 10

More and more computers now have a fingerprint reader. Find out how to configure and activate the fingerprint on Windows 10, if your computer has a sensor. You will be able to use it as an additional unlocking option.

Do I need software to use fingerprint on Windows 10?

Using the fingerprint sensor on a Windows PC does not require the use of third-party software. This is a feature built into Windows 10.

To unlock your PC with your fingerprint, it will need to have a fingerprint reader and be running a relatively recent, up-to-date version of Windows 10. In addition, make sure that all the necessary drivers are installed.

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Configure, activate the fingerprint on Windows 10

To activate the fingerprint on Windows 10, go to the Parameters, Connection options. Combine Windows Keys Windows icon and I to open Windows 10 settings. Go to " Accounts ».

Windows 10 settings

Then open the " Connection options ».

Connection options

Open Windows Hello fingerprint recognition. If your operating system is OK (drivers, etc.), you will be asked to move on to configuring the feature.

Click on " configurator », Then on« Start ". Touch the fingerprint reader once and lift your finger, continue following the instructions.

Enable fingerprint on Windows 10

When you are asked to try another angle, keep resting your finger on the reader but pointing it to its different sides.

Enable fingerprint on Windows 10

Once your first finger is registered, you will be asked to add a second or to finalize the configuration by adding a PIN code. It is one of the unlocking modes of Windows 10, which you can use with or without having to configure the fingerprint.

If you are already using an unlock PIN, Windows will skip this step. Otherwise you will be asked to configure one. Click on " Configure PIN code ". Windows will ask you to verify your mot de passe :

Password verification

Enter your password and validate. Enter your PIN code:

PIN code configuration

Enter it twice in a row, including or not including letters and symbols. Click on " OK »To finalize the configuration and activate the fingerprint on Windows 10. Try to lock your computer (Windows icon and L) and unlock it with the configured finger. You can modify or cancel the unlocking by the fingerprint at any time.

Disable, delete fingerprint on Windows 10

On smartphone or computer, everyone has their preferred unlocking option. Mine remains mot de passe. For security reasons, I very rarely use biometric recognition on my various devices.

If you want to remove your fingerprint from Windows, follow the same path. In the Parameters, Connection options, click on " Windows Hello fingerprint recognition ».

Delete fingerprint

You can add a new finger or delete the registered one. Click on " Remove And you will have disabled fingerprint recognition. To unlock your computer you will use your password, or your Windows PIN code.

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